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recorded at KenCrest Services April 2015
PHOTO of Naomi
photo by JJ Tiziou

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LIVES LIVED APART interview with Naomi recorded April 22, 2015

PHOTO of Naomi with her interviewer Katie

Lisa: Testing one, two, three. Testing one, two, three. You're good. OK. I'm going to pause it.

Katie: There we go and so the first thing I'm going to say; my name is Katie and I'm interviewing Naomi at KenCrest on April 22nd, 2015 and Lisa and Al are also in the room with us. Just so we all know who's here. So Lisa had asked if we would bring something that meant something to us so this is kind of... have you ever done these before?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: Like a fuse beads or I think that's what they're called so I actually used to be a schoolteacher and had a class pet. It was a turtle named Squishy. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo? I love that movie. So you know in Finding Nemo where she's like "And I will call you Squishy and you will be my friend" so that's what our class turtle was named so one of my students made this for me because I was living in California and I moved back to the east coast so this was a present they made me so because I had to leave my turtle there because there was no way to bring him because he lived in water so there was no real way to bring him back at least no way I could figure out so this is all I have left to remember Squishy. I was going to share that with you. Is there anything... do you like pets or animals at all?

Naomi: I only like fish.

Katie: Oh, OK.

Naomi: Goldfish.

Katie: Yeah?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: That's kind of... so the turtle I have lives, like I said, lives in water but actually you know what? He would eat goldfish. I never fed him a goldfish but they said that he would eat them so he would eat them if we fed them to him but I felt like that was too mean. So I wanted to know a little bit about you and I was wondering how long you have been coming to KenCrest or yeah, KenCrest services? If you could tell me a little bit about that?

Naomi: Lisa... I don't know.

Lisa: I think I'd like to hear you tell us because I might have... I might have the story wrong. Maybe can you tell me about when you first came to KenCrest? Do you remember the first day you came to KenCrest?

Naomi: I forget.

Katie: What about; what were you doing before you came to KenCrest? Were you living at home or were you going to school?

Naomi: I used to go to school.

Katie: Oh will you tell me a little bit about some things you did at school?

Naomi: Math, science, social studies, music, and art.

Katie: That's a lot of stuff. Was there one that was your favorite?

Naomi: Music.

Katie: Will you tell me about a favorite memory you have from music?

Naomi: I used to dance and sing and sit on the bean bags.

Katie: Oh I never heard that, what's a bing bang?

Naomi: Like a bean bag you sit on.

Katie: Oh, like a bean bag. Got it, cool. Do they have bean bags here at KenCrest?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: Do you like to... are you able to sit on them here too?

Naomi: There's one in gym.

Katie: Oh yeah?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: What color is it?

Naomi: Blue.

Katie: Blue. Do you have a favorite color?

Naomi: My favorite color is pink.

Katie: Oh, nice. Yeah. I like that color too. I think that's kind of like a pink-y purple. So what about before you came to Ken Crest either at school or was there somebody in your life that was special to you?

Naomi: My teacher.

Katie: Oh, OK. Would you tell em a little bit about your teacher?

Naomi: She used to help me with my math.


Katie: Oh yeah?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: What was her name?

Naomi: Ms. Pam.

Katie: Oh, OK. How long was Ms. Pam your teacher? For one year? For more than one year?

Naomi: More than one year.

Katie: And did she work just with you or with other kids too?

Naomi: With my classmates.

Katie: And what was one special memory you have or one thing you remember about working with Ms. Pam?

Naomi: I used to go to Friendlies and stuff and movies.

Katie: Oh nice. That sounds like fun. So you would do that while you were in school?

Naomi: After.

Katie: Oh, OK. And do you have something... what's your favorite thing at Friendlies?

Naomi: Ice cream.

Katie: Oh yeah, that is really good. They don't have Friendlies as much where I live anymore. So you talked a little bit about school. What was school like? Did you like going to school?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: You did? What was... you said... you told me the different subjects but was there a favorite part?

Naomi: Taking the bus.

Katie: Oh, OK. What would you do on the bus?

Naomi: Listen to music.

Katie: Oh nice. It seems like ... do you like music?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: Will you tell me a little bit about what type of music you like?

Naomi: I like Selena Gomez.

Katie: Oh. I've heard at least one of her songs. Do you have one of her songs that's your favorite? Or maybe let me ask you in a different way. Do you like to listen to her music or sing along to it?

Naomi: I like to listen to it.

Katie: Do you ever sing?

Naomi: Mm-hm.

Katie: No?

Naomi: Mm-hm.

Katie: But I know you said you like to dance. Do you ever dance?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: Is her music good for dancing to?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: It has like a good.. what other types of music do you like to dance to?

Naomi: I don't like Justin Bieber.

Katie: Yeah, well, he wasn't very nice to her, was he? I know a little bit about that too. So what do you think? Do you think that... are you... Do you think he... or what am I trying to say? You're more on Selena's side?

Naomi: Justin Beiber has too much money.

Katie: Yeah. It's a problem I wish I had. So what about... so you told me a little bit about what happened before you came to KenCrest. Were you born in Pennsylvania?

Naomi: I was born in PA.

Katie: OK and what do you... is there something... what was your... what was it like when you were a child or a little girl?

Naomi: Spending time with my mom and my dad and my brothers and my sister.

Katie: How many brothers do you have?

Naomi: Three.

Katie: Wow and how many sisters?

Naomi: Two.

Katie: And are you the oldest or in the middle or the youngest?

Naomi: Probably in the middle.

Katie: Oh, OK. So what was something you really liked to do when you were younger?

Naomi: Watch movies.

Katie: Oh, OK. What was... Do you have a favorite movie from when you were that you watched when you were younger?

Lisa: Sorry to interrupt you but because that announcement came over the loudspeaker, it happened just as (noise over her voice) so maybe you should ask that question again.

Katie: OK.

Lisa: If it's OK.

Katie: Sure.

Lisa: Thank you. Sorry for that guys.

Katie: No, it's fine. Of course I have to remember what question it was. Oh yes. So what's one of your... what was one of your favorite movies when you were younger? Oh, nice! Very cool.

Lisa: Katie, can you describe what Naomi is giving you?

Katie: Yes, so Naomi just handed me a DVD of... is this a movie or a TV show?

Naomi: It's Monster High.

Katie: Monster's High Ghouls Rule and so on the cover there's... well it looks like three main girls. Do you want to talk about it a little bit?

Naomi: That's Queen of the Nile. She's like a magician.

Katie: Oh, OK.

Naomi: Frankenstein, she's like a... like a zombie almost.

Katie: OK and then who's this girl?

Naomi: That's Dracula because she's like a vampire.

Katie: Oh, alright and then...

Naomi: She's like a wolf.

Katie: Oh wow, does she turn into a wolf?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: OK. So you tell me, is there... what's one reason you really like them? What's a favorite part from that movie?

Naomi: When they save... what's his name...

Katie: Is there someone that they have to save?

Naomi: They save him (points to image on dvd cover).

Katie: Oh. Is he also a monster?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: What type of a monster is he?

Naomi: Like a... looks like a blue monster to me.

Katie: Alright that makes sense. So is it scary at all or is it... even though the monsters... the monsters are nice or they try to be helpful maybe?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: So that was a movie you've liked for a long time? Do you mostly like animated or cartoon movies? What are some other ones that you like?

Naomi: Lalaloopsy. I don't have that DVD yet.

Katie: Mm. Are you going to maybe get it soon?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: What about when you were younger, was there anything you didn't like to do or something you really didn't want to do?

Naomi: Go fishing.

Katie: Oh, OK. Will you tell me a little bit more about that? Who would you go fishing with or who wanted you to go fishing?

Naomi: I used to go fishing with my dad.

Katie: Oh and what was one thing you really... what didn't you like about it?

Naomi: Mud.

Katie: Would it get everywhere? Did you ever catch a fish? No?

Naomi: I tried.

Katie: Well, OK. It's good to try. What about... so does your dad like to fish? What would he... tell me more about what would he make you... what other things about it didn't you like?

Naomi: Fishing on the... where you sit on the... on the... on the side of the deck.

Katie: Mm-hm. So would you guys go fishing on a boat or would you go stand on the side of the... you know on the side of the water?

Naomi: On the side of the water.

Katie: Oh, OK, OK. How would you go fishing all day? No? Did you think... when you went fishing was it boring?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: What... So if I were to say you wouldn't want to go fishing now? (shakes head no) Would your dad take you fishing a lot? But it was just something you didn't like to do? What about when you were going to school? We talked about things you liked about school but was there anything at school you didn't like?

Naomi: Gym.

Katie: Will you tell me...

Naomi: Gym class.

Katie: Will you tell me a little bit about why you didn't like gym?

Naomi: We had to stretch and do jumping jacks and...

Katie: When you were at school were there any... did you have anybody that was important to you or a friend that you liked to do things with?

Naomi: Me and my old classmates played checkers.

Katie: And so before we ... I was asking you a little bit about... so I was asking a little bit about what happened before you came to KenCrest and I was going to ask you a little bit about now that you're here at KenCrest, so do you remember how long you've been here for? Does it feel like a long time? Yeah? So what's something that you do here at KenCrest that you really like to do?

Naomi: Work.

Katie: Will you tell me about your work?

Naomi: We do putty.

Katie: Will you tell me more about... I don't know what that means. Will you tell me more about what that means?

Naomi: We put the putty inside the cans and put the lids on.

Katie: Oh. So today is Wednesday. Is today a typical day for you here at KenCrest?

Naomi: No.

Katie: It's a little different, right? So will you tell me what you do on a typical day at KenCrest?

Naomi: I do housekeeping.

Katie: Oh. What types of things do you do for housekeeping?

Naomi: Sweep the floor and vacuum.

Katie: Oh. Do you... what time do you usually get here in the morning?

Naomi: Nine.

Katie: OK and what do you do... what's the first thing you do when you get here?

Naomi: Get coffee.

Katie: Excellent and then what do you do next?

Naomi: Then we wait for our staff to give us work.

Katie: Oh and do you do the same work every day or is it different?

Naomi: Different.

Katie: So do you remember what you did yesterday?

Naomi: We did "Eye Candy".

Katie: Oh, what's that?

Naomi: It's like a putty and its blue and it's pink and it has the blue at the end. You put it in the microwave and it melts the putty and it turns to pink and it has blue in the putty then we put it in the cans and put them in the box.

Katie: Wow and so what is it... is the can that you put it in... can you see through it? (nods) So the more happens... so you did that yesterday? And then when you're done do you work all day or what do you do? Do you work in the morning? Do you take lunch?

Naomi: My class eats lunch at 11.

Katie: Oh, OK so you work... so you told me you get here, you have your coffee, and then yesterday in the morning you guys were making the putty and then what did you do after that?

Naomi: I took a break.

Katie: Oh, nice. What's something that you like to do during your break?

Naomi: Talk to my friends.

Katie: Oh that's great. That's something I wanted to ask you about. Who are some people here at KenCrest who are important to you? So you pointed to Al. Will you tell me a little bit about Al?

Naomi: Al is a nice person.

Katie: Can you tell me a story about Al where he maybe did something nice?

Naomi: I met Al when I first came to KenCrest.

Katie: Oh really? Was he the first person you met?

Naomi: Yeah and Jimmy.

Katie: Do you have...

Naomi: And I met Kristy.

Katie: I was going to ask you so you said Al was the first person you met when you came here. Do you remember anything else about the day, your first day, here at KenCrest?

Naomi: I forget.

Katie: What about when you first came here? Do you remember how you felt?

Naomi: I was a little bit nervous.

Katie: Yeah?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: Will you tell me a little bit about what was one reason you were nervous?

Naomi: When I met friends.

Katie: Did that make you feel less nervous?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: So before you were telling me about some of your friends here. Do you have any stories about your friends here?

Naomi: Helen is my one favorite friend.

Katie: Oh yeah? What's something you and Helen like to do together?

Naomi: We used to talk and hang out during snack time.

Katie: What are some things you guys talk about?

Naomi: Helen used to ask me what do I do at home.

Katie: Mm and do you tell her?

Naomi: I watch TV and take a shower and put on my pajamas and go to bed.

Katie: Yeah I was going to ask you what you like to do on the weekends.

Naomi: I don't go swimming yet.

Katie: Yeah it's a little too cold, right?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: So when it's warm out what do you like to do on the weekends?

Naomi: Stay in.

Katie: When it's warm out? I thought you were going to tell me you like to go swimming. Do you like to swim?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: Do you like to... do you swim in a pool or a lake or the ocean?

Naomi: In a pool.

Katie: That sounds like fun so what do you do on the weekends when it's cold? Is there a show you like to watch on TV? No? What other things do you do on the weekend?

Naomi: Go to the zoo.

Katie: Do you go with your family or with friends?

Naomi: I go with my staff.

Katie: Oh, OK. So where do you live now?

Naomi: In Havertown.

Katie: Oh, OK and do you have friends where you live?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: What's something you like to do with your friends where you live?

Naomi: Watch movies.

Katie: Oh will you tell me about one of the movies? Is there a movie you saw recently or a favorite movie you've seen?

Naomi: The Flintstones.

Katie: Do you have a favorite part from that movie? No? So how do you get to KenCrest?

Naomi: I drive a Kades van.

Katie: And are there other people on the van that... do you have friends that go on the van with you?

Naomi: Barbara, Betty, Stefan.

Katie: And do they work here at KenCrest also?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: So do you ever have... so you were telling me a little bit about some of the people you like here. Is there anything at KenCrest that you don't like? What's your least favorite thing?

Naomi: Working.

Katie: Really? What is it about working that you don't like?

Naomi: I like working.

Katie: You do?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: What's your favorite part of working?

Naomi: Learning how to make putty.

Katie: And what's one thing about working that you don't like?

Naomi: When there's no work.

Katie: What do you do when there's no work?

Naomi: I socialize.

Katie: What do you do when you socialize?

Naomi: Visit other rooms.

Katie: Here at KenCrest?

Naomi: Yeah and I visit my boyfriend.

Katie: Oh you have a boyfriend? Is your boyfriend someone who's important to you today?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: Will you tell me a little bit about him?

Naomi: You never met Mark.

Katie: No I haven't. I'd love to meet him or I'd love to hear a little bit about him. Will you tell me a little bit about him?

Naomi: He's in a wheelchair.

Katie: OK.

Naomi: He's quiet and we went to Applebees last Sunday.

Katie: Oh, nice. Does he live where you live?

Naomi: No he lives in... He lives in Yorktown.

Katie: So do you see him... where did you meet him?

Naomi: He's in Joanne's [room]. I met him at Joanne's.

Katie: So you met him here at KenCrest?

Naomi: Yep.

Katie: Did you know him before you came here? So will you tell me a little bit about when you first met him?

Naomi: He's nice. He's quiet. He's a nice boy.

Katie: And how did you... so you first... do you remember the day you first met him? Do you remember the first time you thought maybe you liked him? Will you tell me a little bit about that?

Naomi: He buys me snacks and nuts.

Katie: Did he buy you snacks before you guys started dating or was that after?

Naomi: We got snacks everyday together at two o'clock.

Katie: Oh so how long have you guys been dating?

Naomi: I forget.

Katie: Has it been as long as you've been here at KenCrest? Yeah?

Naomi: I didn't know you used to have a turtle.

Katie: Yeah and you know what? When I got my turtle I thought he was going to be very small but actually because someone gave him to me he was actually much bigger like the size of a dessert plate so he was about this big. So when I first got him I didn't know what to do because I thought I was getting a little turtle and his tank was almost like... not the size of this table but it was like half this table so about like 36 inches but it was very, very big so it was a little bit of a surprise. What about you? Is there something that surprises you? When you first came to KenCrest you were saying you felt a little nervous. Now that you've been here is there anything that surprises you or something that happens that you weren't expecting?

Naomi: When supports coordinator came.

Katie: Will you say that one more time?

Naomi: When supports coordinator came.

Katie: Will you tell me a little bit more about that?

Naomi: She almost my case worker.

Katie: Do you know when she's going to come?

Naomi: She sent me she don't know what date.

Katie: To know the day she's coming? What day does she usually come on?

Naomi: She's not coming til May something.

Katie: So you were saying you wanted to talk a little bit more about your friends here?

Naomi: I have Helen, Ralph, Tabitha, and Mike, Joe B., Harry, Joe.

Katie: What's something you like to do with your friends?

Naomi: We hang out outside.

Katie: Oh, what do you guys do outside?

Naomi: Wait til our ride gets here and go home.

Katie: Are there any games you like to play?

Naomi: I don't like playing board games. They're boring.

Katie: Yeah. What about... Do you guys... what do you guys like to talk about with your friends?

Naomi: We talk about celebrities. If I was a celebrity at least I would make more money.

Katie: What would you want to be... what would you want to do as a celebrity?

Naomi: Be on a magazine.

Katie: Is there a specific, a certain magazine you have in mind?

Naomi: I like the... like the

Katie: Like the picture of the beach?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: So a travel magazine maybe?

Naomi: Yeah.

Lisa: I wonder Katie if I could ask a question.

Katie: Sure.

Lisa: I'm just very curious about what kind of celebrity you would be? Would you be a singing celebrity? An acting celebrity? A dancing celebrity? What kind would you be?

Naomi: You know like the celebrity that's on the red carpet?

Katie: So maybe an acting celebrity?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: So would you like to be in a movie? Would you like to be in a movie?

Naomi: Nah like a movie thing I would be nervous.

Katie: Would you like to be in a TV show?

Naomi: Yeah or on the Voice singing.

Katie: Oh because that was going to be my next question. Would you want to be on a TV show like what they call a reality TV show like a TV show with real people?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: I think he's covering up the PA system. So because they have some reality TV shows like the Voice where people sing it's like a competition and then they have some reality shows like we were talking like the Kardashians where they just follow people around. so would you like to be on a competition reality show?

Naomi: I don't mind following people around.

Katie: So would you... do you ever think about a TV show like Naomi's TV show where they follow you around?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: That would be... I think it would be an interesting show. So what would be something you would want people to see on this TV show?

Naomi: My friends.

Katie: OK. What would you... what would you want them to see you and your friends when you're hanging out outside or when you guys are working? What would you want them to see?

Naomi: Outside.

Katie: Outside. What would you want this show to see you and your friends doing? Going to the beach?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: Oh, nice. What else would you like them to see you guys doing? Would you want the TV show to come here to KenCrest?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: What would you want them to see you doing here at KenCrest?

Naomi: Didn't work.

Katie: It made it a little softer. So I was asking you if we're going to put your TV show together...

Naomi: At the zoo.

Katie: Oh, going to the zoo? And I was asking about here at KenCrest. What else would you want them to see you doing here at KenCrest?

Naomi: Eating lunch.

Katie: OK. Tell me a little bit about what do you think... what would they see if there was a TV Crew came and followed you, what would they see you doing at lunch?

Naomi: I don't know.

Katie: Something else I was thinking about is so what's your favorite part of your day at KenCrest?

Naomi: Going home.

Katie: What's your least favorite part of the day or what's something that you don't like during the day?

Naomi: Waiting for work. Lisa, where did what's her name go?

Lisa: Tell me again, Naomi.

Naomi: Where did what's her name go?

Lisa: Nikki?

Naomi: Yeah.

Lisa: She is in an interview with Justin, I believe.

Naomi: With Justin.

Lisa: Yeah and Jess. Jess is the woman who is interviewing Justin.

Naomi: How many people came?

Lisa: Today? We have four interviewers and four of your friends from KenCrest. We actually call you a narrator. Do you know what a narrator is? A narrator is a person who tells a story which is what you are doing so we have four interviewers and four narrators.

Naomi: One upstairs?

Lisa: Two people upstairs and two people here and then tomorrow we're coming back and we'll have five interviewers and five narrators so all together nine people.

Naomi: Nine?

Lisa: Which is awesome.

Katie: Yeah. So you said your favorite part of the day is when you are going home? So what do you... what do you want to do when you think about, you know, the future. We talked a little bit about what your hopes or what your dreams are. What are some things you'd like to do? Do you want to work at KenCrest forever or do you want to do something else?

Naomi: Work here.

Katie: OK and if you could do anything, what would that be? You had mentioned it before when we were taking our break, something that you'd like to do.

Lisa: I was thinking about jobs so Al's job is to direct KenCrest...

Naomi: What's that?

Lisa: What's directing KenCrest? We'd have to ask Al and he can tell you what his job is like and my job is to help people tell stories and Katie has a job. She is an educator and you have a job here at KenCrest. Sometimes your job changes but is there a job that you would like to do that you haven't had a chance to do yet?

Naomi: I don't know how to label.

Katie: Is that something you'd like to learn how to do?

Katie: Yeah and I was also wondering what's something that you're proud of in your life or something you want people to know about you? We're thinking back if you were going to have your TV show what would you want people to think or know about you when they watch that TV show?

Naomi: That I dance a lot.

Katie: And that was the last thing I was going to ask you about. If you were going to have a party what's your favorite type of a party?

Naomi: St. Patrick's Day.

Katie: Will you tell me a little bit about that?

Naomi: I wore green.

Katie: What else did you do?

Naomi: We had smoothies.

Katie: What color was the smoothie or what did it taste like? Do you remember? What other things do you remember from that party? Were your friends there?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: What did you guys do?

Naomi: Dance.

Katie: Do your friends like to dance with you?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: Who do you think has the best dance moves?

Naomi: Tabitha.

Katie: Oh yeah? What's something... can you describe something she does when she dances or could you show me a dance move?

Naomi: Oh no.

Katie: Maybe after when were done after lunch you can show me some of your dance moves. I would love to see. I'm an OK dancer but not that great. And what about Lisa was asking about if there was another job you could try. Is there anything in your life that you would want to change or something you would like to do differently or something else you'd like to try that you haven't tried yet? It could be anything like some people say they want to travel or...

Naomi: I don't like traveling because I don't like taking the airplane.

Katie: Who would you take with you on your road trip? Lisa? (nods) That's a good road trip companion. What about Al? Would you take Al?

Naomi: You always have to wait for Al.

Katie: You mean like he takes too long to get ready?

Naomi: Yeah.

Katie: Oh so maybe he's not going to make the road trip. What about any of your friends? Are there any of your friends here you'd like to take on a road trip.

Naomi: Helen but Helen might take too long too.

Katie: Anyone else?

Naomi: Probably Ralph because Ralph doesn't take that long.

Katie: OK and what about... so do you think... is Helen one of your best friends here?

Naomi: The one we just heard [Joe].

Katie: Oh, really? So what's a favorite or what's something that makes Helen special to you?

Naomi: We hang out all the time when she hangs out with her boyfriend Ralph.

Katie: Oh. Do Helen and her boyfriend get along with you and your boyfriend? Do you guys ever do anything the four of you? No?

Naomi: Ralph and Helen like to have time by themselves.

Katie: Oh, so maybe if Ralph came on the road trip with you, do you think Helen would get jealous?

Naomi: No.

Katie: She'd be OK with it? That's a really good friend. Well, is there anything else? We talked about a lot of stuff and I really appreciate it but I was wondering is there anything else you wanted to tell me today or talk about? Anything else you want people to know about you for our interview? No? So do you want... is there anything else that we had said we were going to talk about that we didn't get a chance to talk about? Did you want to tell me anything else about parties and when's you birthday?

Naomi: January 10th.

Katie: Do you like to celebrate and have a party for your birthday? Yes? Excellent. Well thank you so much for talking to me today.

Naomi: You're welcome.

Katie: I really appreciate it. It was great to get to know you a little bit so what we can do... do you want to turn off the recorder or do you want me to do it?

Naomi: You can do it.

Katie: Are you sure?

Naomi: I'll try.

Katie: Go for it.


Photos by JJ Tiziou

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