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recorded at KenCrest Services April 2015
PHOTO of Justin
photo by JJ Tiziou

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LIVES LIVED APART Interview with Justin Recorded April 22, 2015

PHOTO of Justin's interviewers
JESS'S COMMENTS: "My participation in Here. has definitely changed my thinking about the meaning of 'work' and employment. Throughout our conversation, Justin talked extensively about the work he does at the center as well as his desire to work in a library. Reflecting on this conversation has prompted me to think carefully about the significance of financial compensation, sense of fulfillment, and community participation in relation to work."

Jess: OK. So it's April 22nd, 2015. We're at KenCrest. My name is Jess Livo. What's your name? Do you want to share it?

Justin: Justin.

Jess: Justin.

Justin: Yeah. Let me use a pen so I can write that down.

Staff: What do you want to write down, Justin?

Justin: If you have a pen let me hold on to it.

Staff: I don't actually and you know what, Justin, I actually think the clicking might... it's better if we're not making the clicking sound.

Justin: Oh yeah, that's true too.

Nikki: So my name is Nikki (inaudible).

Justin: Nikki... You're the one that rides a train.

Nikki: I did, yeah.

Justin: That's what I said.

Jess: You did say that.

Nikki: OK, great.

Jess: So, is there an activity that we're getting started with?

Staff: Yeah.

Jess: We just share it? I didn't know if there was a protocol. OK. Did you bring something that you wanted to share with me today?

Justin: Just my coin collection.

Jess: Did you bring it with you?

Justin: No, I forgot.

Jess: Well how about we could talk about this magazine?

Justin: Oh yeah.

Jess: Do you want to tell me a little bit about that?

Justin: This is a fire truck right here. This is red firetruck from the fire house.

Jess: Yeah and why is that important to you? Why did you bring that in?

Justin: Because it's better for me to read it because I get bored. I get bored (Inaudible).

Jess: And when do you read this?

Justin: At home, I think. In my room, I think.

Jess: Do you want to see what I brought to share with you?

Justin: Yeah, yeah.

Jess: OK. Mine is just a short story. This is a picture of me and my grandpa. He was reading me a book, the Lion King book.

Justin: Wow.

Jess: Yeah and I really like to read so that picture...

Justin: Give me a copy of this one.

Jess: You want a copy?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Alright, we'll look into it. That one is my copy.

Justin: You got a copy of this one?

Jess: I'll look into it.

Justin: This is nice.

Jess: Thank you. Thanks for letting me share that. Do you mind if we start talking about you a little bit?

Justin: Go ahead, yeah.

Jess: Yeah, if that's OK. So how long have you been working here at KenCrest?

Justin: Like for... I don't have the slightest idea but I just work here for like a week.

Jess: You've been working here a week?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: You work here doing the week?

Justin: During the day, yeah.

Jess: Yeah, yeah.

Justin: During the day and then we get home about 3:30 and that's about it.

Jess: And what do you do during the day when you're here?

Justin: Work. Vacuum the floors and everything.

Jess: So what would a typical day be like?

Justin: I don't have the slightest idea.

Jess: That's OK.

Justin: I really don't.

Jess: What do you like about being here?

Justin: Basketball.


Jess: You play basketball?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Where do you play here?

Justin: In the gym.

Jess: The gym?

Justin: Mm-hm.

Jess: Why do you like playing basketball?

Justin: It's good for my hands.

Jess: It's good for your hands?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Who do you play with?

Justin: Myself. What train do you use today to get in?

Nikki: Justin, today is about you and when we're done, during lunch, I'm happy to talk to you all about my trains and you know.

Justin: Sure.

Nikki: We can talk more.

Justin: Sure, sure.

Nikki: I want to make sure that the interview is about you.

Justin: Good, good, good. So my thing to do is put pennies in my collection. I have a big bottle at home, like a small, like a bottle... if you have an empty bottle like an empty bottle. You know what I mean, like an empty bottle to put my coins into because I collect coins at home because I have a dozen pennies. Like yesterday you gave me a lot of pennies, didn't you?

Nikki: Did we give you a lot of pennies?

Justin: Didn't you?

Nikki: I don't think so.

Justin: It was Lisa, wasn't it?

Nikki: Lisa? She might've given you a penny.

Justin: Can you give me her number to me?

Nikki: No, Justin, let's talk about you.

Justin: Oh, sure.

Jess: We can talk to her after this though.

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: She'll be here.

Justin: So where is this place located? Is it far away from here or is it straight down the road this way?

Jess: She's going to be right here in the building afterwards so we'll talk to her afterwards.

Justin: Oh, OK.

Jess: I want to hear more about your coin collection though. Can you tell me more about it?

Justin: Oh. If you drop any coin on the table by the sound of it like a penny or a nickel or a quarter (audio cut) by the sound of it.

Jess: How can you tell?

Justin: If you drop it I can tell you by the sound; like heads or tails or something like that.

Jess: How long have you been doing that trick?

Justin: I've been doing that trick for... I don't have the slightest idea but I did the trick for like I've been here... I did it here. I did it before when they drop coins. I collect coins at home because my dad always had a penny collection, penny collection at home too.

Jess: Can you tell me a little bit more about your dad?

Justin: Oh, my dad works for the job he does like electrician and he's... and he works for the stadium. He used to work for a stadium in Philly.  So my dad's a good person because he was taking me home on the weekends and the company always let me use their van to get back to get home. How are you going to record my voice onto this thing? How are you going to record my voice into it?

Jess: It just has this little speaker right here that's looking at you so whatever you say goes into there and stays in there so we'll be able to give it to you later.

Justin: Sure, sure, sure.

Jess: OK.

Justin: You mean this?

Jess: We'll give you a CD of this. Remember to put in your CD player?

Justin: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jess: Tell me about your CD player. What do you like to listen to on it?

Justin: That's the only thing I like to listen to is Enya.

Jess: Enya.

Justin: Did he bring a CD? Did he bring a copy of that for me? AJ, the company. The guy used to... was in the gym.

Jess: We'll bring you a copy. We'll get you a copy later.

Justin: Really?

Jess: Yep.

Justin: How you going to do it?

Jess: I'm not a computer person but somebody knows how to do it and they will get you a copy but I want to hear more about your CDs. So why do you like Enya?

Justin: Because she has good music set. She has a good music because she does. All her music is better than anything. I just like Enya because she has good music so she has good music.

Jess: And can you tell me like how the music makes you feel or what you like about it?

Justin: Because actually when they put it on my radio at home I like "Sail Away... Sail" by Enya. That's the only song I know. So do you want me to help you write anything down?

Jess: No I don't need to write anything. I'm just here to listen.

Justin: Oh.

Jess: So anything you want to talk about, we're here to talk about.

Justin: Do you want me to help you with any recording or anything like that?

Jess: I think we're all set.

Justin: You sure?

Jess: Yeah, yeah. Just tell me more about what you like to do. So you like coins, you like Enya.

Justin: Basketball.

Jess: Basketball.

Justin: Cleaning up the gym sometimes like vacuum the gym. That's what I like to do too.

Jess: Do you usually vacuum the gym here?

Justin: Mm-hm.

Jess: What else do you do here?

Justin: Put the lids... put the cards in boxes. That's about it. That's the only thing I like to do.

Jess: Can you tell me about some of the people you work with?

Justin: Oh yeah. Actually the guy that works in my room is... he is the one with the guy, with the guy. He always stays with him because he might run away if you don't... if you don't give him anything to do he'll run away. Just going to the gym and play basketball. That's what I like to do. So you're from... you're from University, aren't you?

Jess: Yeah I'm a student, yeah.

Justin: Nikki, are you from University too?

Nikki: Nope.

Justin: You're not?

Nikki: Well, I work with Temple.

Justin: Oh, you work for Temple. Oh. Can you give me the address to that place?

Nikki: We can talk more about all this afterwards. Right now we just want to talk about you. Is that OK?

Justin: Yeah.

Nikki: OK. If you...

Justin: I was telling you if I can take a ride with you down there next... when I go down there again I can see if that place is wheelchair accessible for me to get inside.

Nikki: Yeah, we should check.

Justin: Is it wheelchair accessible?

Nikki: I'm not sure because I don't go there but we can find all this out later, I promise. OK?

Justin: Yeah, yeah because AJ is a good person.

Nikki: Who is AJ?

Justin: That guy with Will setting up the gym for the... for the camera.

Nikki: OK.

Justin: for the pictures.

Jess: Who else do you see around here? In a usual day? Typical day?

Justin: Now this guy always likes to steal phones but he's upstairs doing putty upstairs and putting lids in boxes. So that's my favorite guy right there.

Jess: What's his name?

Justin: Tommy likes to steal phones from people, like cell phones or something like that. He likes to steal cell phones and put it right in his pocket and snatch it from people. He also likes to give you this so be careful. He likes to give the middle finger but he never does that to me. Mm-hm. He don't do that to me.

Jess: You said Tommy is your favorite guy.

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Why is that?

Justin: Because he is. He just likes me and he just likes to lay on my chest. That's what he likes to do.

Jess: Is there anyone else here who is important to you?

Justin: Al. Al is the director.

Jess: Do you want to tell me a little bit about Al?

Justin: He's a good person. He's very good. He's a very good guy. Everything. Everything he does for me, you always do like his brother always fixed the machine. You know who his brother is, don't you?

Jess: Mm-mm.

Justin: Tony. Tony with the long, long tools. The tool bag. You know what I'm saying? That big, big tool bag and you know. The tool bag or something like that. The tool bag or something. He has a big, big, big tool bag or something like that. So we have a broken machine and he tried and called his brother. He called his brother and see if he can fix it because the machine is broke. It's not even working. You know what machine I'm talking about?

Jess: I don't know what machine you're talking about.

Justin: The skeeball machine, the one in the gym is broken.

Jess: You have a skeeball machine here?

Justin: Yeah, in the gym. Yeah.

Jess: Do you play on that a lot when it's working?

Justin: Yeah but right now we need somebody to fix it because it's broke.

Jess: What else do you do in the gym besides basketball and skeeball?

Justin: That's the only thing we can do. Vacuum the gym and everything, clean up the room, clean up the chairs, put the chairs away and everything. Very strong lifting chairs all the time too. I'm good at lifting chairs so I'm good at lifting chairs.

Jess: What else are you good at?

Justin: Mm. Putting the boxes out and putting the trash out outside in the dumpster because I have a... we have a trash dumpster out back so I can put the trash out for them too. I just like to put it outside for the trash man to come and get that big, big blue truck to come empty that out. That truck is big. You know what truck I'm talking about?

Jess: Trash truck.

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Garbage Truck.

Justin: Yeah like that big, big, big trash truck. What happened to your glasses?

Jess: I don't have glasses.

Justin: Your glasses are kind of dirty. They need to be changed. No, it's not you. It's your glasses I'm talking about. Are your glasses dirty?

Staff: Oh man. Just pretend they're not here.

Nikki: She can see alright.

Justin: Oh man. So where's that place located? It's on...

Nikki: We'll talk about all of that afterwards, I promise. We just want to focus on you right now. Is that ok?

Justin: What does this thing do?

Nikki: Well it can't do what it does if you're touching it.

Justin: No, that black thing.

Nikki: It just keeps the sound from getting out of whack. It's just a piece of felt, nothing fancy but it won't do its job if you're touching it.

Justin: You might need some new pair of earphones.

Nikki: I think she can hear OK.

Justin: Was that squeaking I just heard?

Nikki: That was from somewhere else in the building. It's going to be fine. The recording is all OK, I promise.

Justin: Where can I buy one of these recorders?

Nikki: I have no idea but we can talk about it afterwards.

Justin: I want to buy one of these for my room.

Jess: Can you tell me more about the things you like to do here?

Justin: I like to take the trash out, vacuum, and vacuum the carpet, clean up the boxes, put them away, and everything. They just like to put the boxes away, take the trash, put the boxes in the dumpster too.

Jess: Is there anything you would change about the work you do? Do different?

Justin: I could help take the boxes to each room and put them in (Inaudible) for delivery, help the UPS guy out. So I'm good with that so I'm good with it. I'm good with it. I'm good.

Jess: Is there anything you really want to do in the future?

Justin: I want to go take a look at your place.

Jess: I mean in terms of a different kind or job or personal things in the distant future.

Justin: Like fill the sewing machine. That's what I'd like to do.

Jess: You'd like to do what?

Justin: Fill the soda machine up.

Jess: Fill the soda machine up. Do you know how to sew?

Justin: No, mm-hm. I like to take the sewing stuff to some place. Where's that place located? The sewing place? Is that far away from here?

Jess: I'm not sure what that is. Why are you interested in sewing machines?

Justin: Because I am. I don't sew but I can try to sew but I can't sew that well.

Jess: Is that something you'd like to learn how to do?

Justin: Mm-hm. Yep.

Jess: Is there anything else you'd like to learn how to do or try out sometime?

Justin: I want to take a look at that place that you... that you... that JJ does, the job that he does. You know what I'm talking about.

Jess: So you met JJ today?

Justin: Yeah JJ, yeah. Setting up in the gym. I like to help him with that. You saw me helping him set it up. You saw me... I mean you saw me set... you saw me. You saw me set up the gym for him today?

Jess: I didn't see it.

Justin: I did it by myself.

Jess: That's awesome.

Justin: So I'm good at that. He's the one... he's the part of the University too.

Jess: Yeah, he's working with Temple too.

Justin: Where's that?

Jess: It's pretty far.

Justin: Is it pretty far away from here?

Jess: I don't know. I don't actually go there.

Justin: I want to go down there.

Jess: Let's talk more about JJ and the photography.

Justin: JJ has good... I can't say it. Help me out please.

Jess: Photography?

Justin: Photography.

Jess: Pictures. He takes pictures.

Justin: he does?

Jess: Yeah.

Justin: How does he do that?

Jess: I don't know. Have you ever been interested? You like to look at the pictures. Have you ever had your picture taken?

Justin: Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. Does he have a camera for it?

Jess: Yeah he has like a professional camera.

Justin: How's that?

Jess: I have no idea.

Justin: Is it battery operated or is it like electric?

Jess: We can ask him when we go there.

Justin: Sure.

Jess: But why are you so excited to have JJ here?

Justin: Because he's the best guy. He can burn you a CD if you want, like a voice CD like if you have a copy he can burn it for me. You want to send it to (inaudible) mail maybe?

Jess: Yeah, we'll figure it all out. We'll take care of all that.

Justin: So how do you record a CD onto the radio?

Jess; I'm not good at computer stuff so I'm really just here to talk to you and listen to you.

Justin: Are you good at computer stuff?

Nikki: Well I know how to turn this into a CD.

Justin: How do you turn this into a CD? How do you turn it into it?

Nikki: Like Jess said, everything you're saying is being held in this recorder right now.

Justin: Oh yeah, yeah.

Nikki: And then we'll download it to a computer and then we'll burn it onto a CD.

Justin: Now (inaudible) has a computer. How can they burn it at my house?

Nikki: You don't have to worry about that. We'll take care of all that. All you have to know is that you'll get a CD with your voice. You'll be able to listen to this part of the interview.

Justin: Oh my god!

Staff: It's going to be weird to hear yourself talking about the CD you're listening to, right?

Justin: It's going to be weird. It's going to be very weird. So is this thing battery operated?

Jess: Yes.

Justin: Where does the battery go into this thing?

Nikki: Underneath but we don't want to touch it because then the microphone will pick up the sound of your...

Justin: Voice, yeah.

Nikki: Well your fingers and we want to hear your voice.

Justin: If I put my finger up there it makes noise.

Jess: Yeah but we're not going to touch it. It's really sensitive so we just want to give it its space because it just wants to listen.

Justin: So do you save any tabs at your place?

Nikki: Are you talking about the soda tabs?

Justin: Yeah.

Nikki: Maybe you can tell Jess about that.

Justin: Jess, do you save the soda tabs?

Jess: I don't. Do you?

Justin: Yeah. If you have any soda tabs tell AJ.... Tell JJ... Did I say his name right?

Jess: Yeah you got it. JJ.

Justin: Tell JJ to save the things of his soda cans because I take them down to the office and get money for those.

Jess: Where do you take them?

Justin: To the Lancaster Avenue office.

Jess: OK.

Justin: All the way down there so I need to tell him to save those tabs for the soda tops.

Jess: How often do you do that?

Justin: When Courtney is here I like to take it down. So do you guys need any help?

Jess: I'm OK. I'm all set up.

Justin: To write something.

Jess: Nope, just here to listen. No need to write. I'll let you know though. Thank you.

Justin: I thought you had a computer.

Jess: Nope, just this little mini machine.

Justin: I had a computer and (inaudible) was it Lisa or was it you?

Nikki: It was Lisa.

Justin: Oh. I thought she had a computer. I thought she had a computer but I'm trying to find a computer that I can download my voice onto CD at home because (inaudible) has a computer and they can download it.

Jess: You want to do this at home too, is that what you're saying?

Justin: Yeah, yeah.

Jess: Yeah?

Justin: I wonder if they can download and copy the CD on the computer. Can they do it?

Jess: Yeah. So if you're going to make a recording of your own voice what would you want to be talking about on that CD?

Justin: Something. Like any type of way I'd like to do. I'd just like to sit in my room alone listen to my music. That's what I like to do. I like to sit in my room and listen to my music alone.

Jess: Who do you live with?

Justin: (inaudible). He's a big guy in a power chair like this. Huge! This chair can run someone over. The chair can run somebody down.

Jess: You live with him?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Where's that?

Justin: Downington off the 202.

Jess: Do you like living there?

Justin: Yeah. Yep.

Jess: Can you tell me a little more about it?

Justin: He's got the biggest bed by the wall. I mean I got the bed by the wall and he's got the bed by the window. I guess. You know like a ... you know like a king sized bed he has?  ... at home too. I feel sleepy today.

Jess: You do?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Did you have a long day yesterday?

Justin: I was so sleepy. I went right to sleep last night.

Jess: What did you do that made you so tired?

Justin: I don't know. I went right to sleep.

Jess: Do you remember what you did during the day?

Justin: I got up and go to sleep.

Jess: You got up and went right back to sleep? That's it?

Justin: Yep.

Jess: Did you come here?

Justin: The van brings me here sometimes. The van brings me here sometimes. That's why. So where is your train stop located?

Nikki: I'll tell you when we're done with your interview.

Justin: OK. Alright.

Jess: So does the van pick you up from where you live and come right here?

Justin: Yeah, it comes right to Yellow Springs Road and (inaudible) is right across the street from here.

Jess: Who rides the van with you?

Justin: My roommate does. Two guys go in wheels, big power chairs like this big. You can't push it but it's big. They... He will run you over. I'm serious. He will run you down.

Jess: What do you think of his chair?

Justin: Too big. Like I keep holding it holding it. I keep holding it. Sometimes I check it and you have to take him to... The chair is big.

Jess: What about your chair?

Justin: It's good.

Jess: Yeah?

Justin: Mm-hm. It's good. Who cleans that place before you come here? Who cleans that place?

Jess: I'm not sure.

Justin: You have a janitor over there?

Jess: Yeah. I think they have a maintenance staff.

Justin: What do they do? I'd like to go down there and see what your place looks like.

Jess: We can definitely talk about all that after this.

Justin: Yeah, yeah. So what do you do on your times on the train? What do you do with?

Jess: We're really just here to talk about you. I promise we can talk about the trains in a moment.

Justin: I'm sorry.

Jess: No, don't be sorry. Don't be sorry.

Justin: I used to ride the train to anywhere. I used to ride the train at the boardwalk.

Jess: The train here?

Justin: No. At the Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk.

Jess: You used to live in Maryland?

Justin: Yeah, I used to live down there.

Jess: I'm from close by there. Can you tell me about growing up there?

Justin: It's good. It's good.

Jess: What do you like about it?

Justin: I don't know. Something I like to do.

Jess: Who did you live with in Maryland?

Justin: I don't know. My roommate. Can you give me direction to that place?

Jess: We can talk about it, all of it. So did you grow up in Maryland?

Justin: No.

Jess: No?

Justin: I didn't grow up. My sister... I mean my brother just passed away. (inaudible) died.

Jess: I'm sorry to hear that.

Justin: My sister has another baby. I've got two nieces now, three nieces because the other one is little small. She takes a little bottle with milk in it. You have to give it to her and let her drink it right there.

Jess: Can you tell me more about your sister and nieces?

Justin: Oh yeah. My sisters work at another job because she's big and the other one can walk up the steps now. She used to cry but now she's big. She don't cry no more. She can walk up the steps now. She's five now.

Jess: What are your niece's names?

Justin: Ashley and the other one is Kelly. She's adorable. She is.

Jess: Do you get to see them a lot?

Justin: When I go home, yeah. So do you have any type of thing I can do for you?

Jess: No, you're doing everything you can do for me. I just want to listen. Yeah.

Justin: So..

Jess: So what about your sister? Do you get to see her a lot?

Justin: When I go home, yeah.

Jess: Where do you go home when you go home?

Justin: In South Philly.

Jess: South Philly?

Justin: Yeah. Like downtown... not downtown but in South Philly. It's where my dad lives at.

Jess: What's it like when you go home?

Justin: Sometimes my dad takes me down to South Philly and everything, so... South Philly isn't that far.

Jess: What's it like when you're at home?

Justin: I sit in my room and listen to my music.

Jess: Do you ever listen to music with your dad?

Justin: No.

Jess: What does he like to do?

Justin: He works at a company. He works for Stadium. He does that.

Jess: Do you like going home to South Philly?

Justin: Yeah. Do you know where South Philly is?

Jess: Mm-hm.

Justin: All the way straight from here. So do you want me to help you with any writing?

Jess: I don't need to write anything. This is doing all the writing for me. I'm just listening.

Justin: Oh, on your device.

Jess: Yep. It's capturing everything that I want. I don't need to write anything down.

Justin: No, no. You want anybody to photocopy this paper?

Jess: I don't need anything photocopied. I'm all set. Thank you so much though.

Justin: You're all set to go?

Jess: Yep, I'm all good to go. Are you good?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Good.

Justin: I'm great.

Jess: Can you tell me more about your friends here?

Justin: They're good person. Always they're very good persons. Sometimes they like to run and take boxes to the trash but they don't like to do that. Sometimes they go to the workroom and do some jobs over there. They like breaking boxes down and everything. He gets more money than me though.

Jess: Who is this?

Justin: Oh, (inaudible) upstairs like this way. He always a cap on his head like this. He always has it. So he has that.

Jess: You said he goes on workgroup?

Justin: Yeah he does.

Jess: Have you ever gone on workgroup?

Justin: No. we don't have a wheelchair accessible place for it. So what are you doing after this today?

Jess: I'm hanging out with you.

Justin: Oh, so what train station do you ride into? Philadelphia Train Station or is it Philadelphia Train Station?

Nikki: 30th Street Station.

Justin: Oh is that far away from here? That's right near the terminal.

Nikki: Mm-hm.

Jess: Have you been there?

Justin: No.

Jess: How do you know where it is then?

Justin: I want to ride down there though. I really want to ride down there,

Jess: What do you want to do when you ride down there?

Justin: Just help these lovely ladies out with some stuff.

Jess: This the ladies? These ladies?

Justin: Yeah. Do you watch that game show I like to watch at night?

Jess: What game show is that?

Justin: Deal or No Deal.

Jess: I know Deal or No Deal.

Justin: With the cases, with the girls and the cases and everything.

Jess: I know what you're talking about.

Justin: You win cases and you get prizes.

Jess: You watch that show a lot?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: What do you like about it?

Justin: It's good. It's very good. So do you have a ramp for this chair to go up and down?

Jess: Here?

Justin: No, no, no. At Temple. You don't have a ramp for that place, do you?

Jess: I think so.

Justin: Where is it? In the front or back?

Jess: I don't go to Temple. I'm just doing this.

Justin: I know but she goes to Temple. She goes to Temple.

Nikki: I work at Temple.

Justin: So where is the ramp for the wheelchair?

Nikki: You know actually someone on our team is going to have lunch with us, Marjorie. She works at the library so I'll introduce you to her at lunch and you can ask her all these questions about accessibility.

Justin: Sure, sure, sure.

Nikki: Yeah.

Justin: Sure.

Nikki: OK.

Justin: So where is the library located?

Jess: Ask Marjorie.

Nikki: Last time I was here I think you told me you'd been to the library.

Justin: Mm... no.

Nikki: Not Temple but a different library.

Justin: Yeah. I used to be at the library at Radnor High School before.

Jess: What did you do there?

Justin: Get books and everything. Get books. You know where Radnor is, don't you?

Jess: Mm-hm. Do you remember any books that you really liked that you got there?

Justin: Nuh-huh. I just like magazines. That's it.

Jess: What do you like about the magazines?

Justin: It's better. I just like to read them. You never saw me playing basketball before?

Jess: I haven't.

Justin: Do you ever see me play in basketball?

Nikki: I did, right before we got started.

Justin: I'm strong. I'm very strong with the basketball. There's ... you have to pay for lunch with cash or with money for it?

Jess: I think lunch is free today.

Nikki: Yeah, you don't have to pay for lunch.

Justin: Oh, it's free?

Jess: Yeah.

Justin: Wow. So who's going to pick it up?

Jess: Not us.

Justin: Not you? Oh, wow.

Jess: We're going to have pizza. Do you like pizza?

Justin: That's my favorite. I have that at my home so... so where is the place you just said... not Temple but where is the lunch place at?

Jess: We're just going to eat lunch here.

Justin: Oh.

Jess: Yeah, we're going to go into the lunch room but they're going to have pizza.

Justin: Oh.

Jess: Yeah.

Justin: Nice. I'm happy for it.

Jess: What do you usually have for lunch when you're here?

Justin: Macaroni and Cheese. That's my favorite. So is he done setting up the gym or?

Jess: I think he's almost done.

Justin: I saw the gym's all set up.

Jess: Yeah we'll get to go check it out as soon as we're done in here. No worries. Are you excited to see what the gym looks like?

Justin: Oh god yes. I am so excited to see that. You guys thinking of playing basketball. You've got to see me do that.

Jess: I haven't seen it yet.

Justin: You haven't seen it yet?

Jess: I just got here. This is my first time.

Justin: I'm strong. Feel my muscles.

Jess: Oh no. We're going to knock the thing over.

Justin: Oops.

Jess: I believe you.

Justin: So do you have any old paper I can rip up like some old paper?

Jess: Why do you want to rip it up?

Justin: I mean do you have any old paper? I can shred it at my dad's house. Old paper that you don't need?

Jess: I don't have any right now. Is that something you do at your dad's house?

Justin: Mm-hm. Where do you park your train when it comes in, when it comes... when it comes to take you back to the place you used to live... the train station. How do you? What do they do with it when you're done riding it? What do they do? They park it or what do they do with it?

Jess: That's a really good question. I guess they just park it. I have no idea.

Justin: Can you answer my question please.

Jess: I don't know.

Nikki: Are you asking me?

Justin: Yeah.

Nikki: I don't know either and I've never thought about that. That's such a great question.

Jess: Have you always been really interested in trains?

Justin: No, no. I used to be interested of the arcade. Do we have a... do you guys have a bowling alley at Temple?

Nikki: I don't know.

Justin: Like a bowling alley type thing?

Jess: Have you ever been bowling?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Do you like it?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: When did you go bowling?

Justin: With Al and them at Arnold's Arcade. So that's my favorite.

Jess: What else do you do at the arcade?

Justin: Play Deal or No Deal.

Jess: You can play Deal or No Deal at the arcade?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Oh.

Justin: You can choose cases if you need to. You can choose cases.

Jess: So why do you like the arcade? Why did you used to be interested in the arcade?

Justin: Because Al always takes me to the arcade when it gets warm. Was it cold today when you got in/

Jess: It wasn't too bad.

Justin: It's really nice out today.

Jess: Yeah. Do you like being outside?

Justin: Yeah. How are you going to get back to school?

Jess: I'm going to drive.

Justin: She got to catch a...  T I N...

Nikki: I won't... My T R A I N?

Justin: That's what I'm trying to spell.

Nikki: I noticed that about you last time we met too. You spell words out a lot.

Justin: Yeah, mm-hm.

Jess: When did you start doing that? Have you always done that?

Justin: Yeah always done it. I've always done it so do you want me to write anything for you?

Jess: I'm OK but I'd love to hear about what you write when you do write.

Justin: I used to write paper if you guys want paper I can... if you have an old shredder at your place I can shred up papers.

Jess: Do you...

Justin: Yeah. You know do they have shredding at the library?

Nikki: We'll ask Marjorie or you can ask Marjorie.

Justin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Nikki: She's the librarian.

Justin: Yeah I can ask her about that and see if they have a shredder and shred papers because I used to shred papers here. So what do they do? Do they take the trash out to the library or trash trucks that get that?

Jess: I think we'll have to ask Marjorie all these questions but I'm sure she'd really like to talk to you about it.

Justin: OK.

Jess: We'll definitely introduce you after this.

Justin: Alright.

Jess: OK.

Justin: And tell her my trick too.

Jess: We'll tell her your trick. I still haven't seen the trick so I'd like to see it. we'll make sure she's there too.

Justin: What is this... what does this thing do right here?

Nikki: This paper?

Justin: mm-hm.

Nikki: It says "Quiet Please. Recording in Progress"

Justin: Quiet please. Recording in progress. Can you I've me a copy of this? You need this or can I have a copy of this if you don't...

Nikki: We might need this for when we come back but maybe tomorrow I can give you one of them when we're done with it.

Justin: You sure?

Nikki: I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure. I'll ask Lisa, OK?

Justin: OK, sure.

Jess: So you used to shred paper here but you don't anymore?

Justin: I don't.

Jess: Has anything else changed since you first started working here?

Justin: Mm-hm, no. No. Mm-hm. Nope. Nope. Mm-hm. I used to be at this day program. I still am. This is my first... That's my first time in this place. Why we can't go out for like an hour somewhere to the library like... like the girl just said. Ask the library if I can go over there. Maybe I can have a ride down there. Is the library wheelchair accessible? Can you get inside there?

Jess: I think so. I think we'll need to ask Marjorie and double check.

Justin: I'm not trying to be rude. I'm just trying to see if it's wheelchair accessible for me inside.

Jess: I don't think that's rude at all.

Justin: No.

Jess: Have you had to ask a lot of places if they are wheelchair accessible?

Justin: Like Temple; is it wheelchair accessible for me to get inside of it?

Jess: What do you do if some place isn't wheelchair accessible?

Justin: I have to use a ramp. I have to use a ramp for me to get inside the library because the steps, I can't get over the steps. How do you charge this recorder? How do you charge it up? Like how do you do it?

Jess: You just put the batteries in the bottom. It's pretty simple.

Justin: Do you have batteries with you?

Jess: We've got some spares upstairs just in case but I think we're alright. I don't think we're worried right now.

Justin: I need some big, big batteries for my radio.

Jess: What do you listen to on the radio? Is that the same as your CD player?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: OK.

Justin: How do I download the CD onto my radio? How do you download it? Does AJ have a computer with him?

Jess: JJ just has his camera with him because he's really here to take pictures. Are you excited to get your picture taken?

Justin: Oh god yes. How can you take pictures of these cameras?

Jess: With them? How do you take pictures with the cameras?

Justin: Do they use lens or anything?

Jess: I think so. We can ask JJ the specifics of the cameras because again I'm not good at technology.

Justin: I know but we can ask him later on.

Jess: Yeah, absolutely.

Justin: yeah.

Jess: We'll make sure we go talk to him.

Justin: Yeah and ask him how can I get inside the library... the Temple. Ask him if it's wheelchair accessible.

Jess: We'll talk to JJ about the cameras and Marjorie about the library at Temple. We've got a big day ahead of us.

Justin: Is the parking... is it... is the parking... is the parking metered inside the library?

Jess: These are all questions we're going to have to ask Marjorie. I'm sorry I can't give you answers.

Justin: No, no, no. I'm just asking. Is the meter parkable for the vans to be parked somewhere?

Jess: I just don't know but I would think so but we'll double check.

Justin: Double check with Marjorie please.

Jess: Sorry... Where do you go in the vans besides here?

Justin: I go home in my own van. It's wheelchair accessible. It has a lift in the front. On the side you have a lift on it so we have a life there. We have a lift to get ... so who is going to bring the sodas? You? Or who's going to bring it in?

Jess: I don't know but they will be there when we're done here so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Justin: I'm a root beer kind of guy.

Jess: You're a root beer kind of guy?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: What else do you like to drink or eat?

Justin: Oh god. Anything. So how do you... who makes the pizza? You do or the pizza place does it?

Jess: I think we're trusting the pizza place. I don't .... I think that's a safer bet.

Justin: Do you sit in the front of the train or the back of the train for the transportation?

Nikki: I sit in the quiet car so whichever... if that's in the front I sit in the front, if that's in the back I sit in the back.

Justin: You ride the train?

Jess: I ride the trains sometimes.

Justin: Who rides the train here sometimes at Temple? Does Marjorie ride the train or?

Jess: We could find out.

Justin: Because I'm going to ask her if she can drop some coins on the table and by the sound of it.

Jess: When did you learn how to do that trick?

Justin: I have good hearing. If you drop any type of coin on the table just by the sound of it like a penny or a quarter I can tell by the sound of it.

Jess: How did you learn how to do that?

Justin: I have good hearing.

Jess: Just...

Justin: Not on the carpet, on the floor.

Jess: Do you like to show that trick to people?

Justin: Yeah. You didn't bring any coins to drop?

Jess: I didn't know. What do people say when you sow them your trick?

Justin: Tell AJ to do it. Maybe AJ didn't know it. I can do it.

Jess: We'll show it off, I promise.

Justin: Yeah, just tell AJ to drop it on the floor. I'm good at it. Last year I collected an awful lot of coins at Radnor High School I used to collect an awful lot. For the high school because I used to graduated from Radnor before. I had my diploma. I had my own diploma and everything. So I had my own diploma and everything so I'm good at that. Where is that place you just said? Is it on 202 or is it far away from here?

Jess: I'm not sure what place you're talking about.

Justin: Temple, that's what place I'm talking about.

Jess: I think it's a little farther away but not too much farther.

Justin: Can take a ride from here to Temple... You can take a ride down there maybe in the van or something.

Jess: I'm not sure. I think we'll have to talk about that afterwards. I'd like to hear... Can you tell me more about high school?

Justin: Yeah because I used to go to Radnor before. Before I came here I used to do some shredding over there. Don't forget your tape.

Jess: Thank you.

Justin: Sure.

Jess: What else did you do at Radnor?

Justin: Collect cans and put them out back... I mean put them in the out back for the township to get money for it. I used to collect cans from them. So do they have any tabs at the library? You know if they throw tabs away?

Jess: They might. We can... we'll add this to the list for Marjorie.

Justin: Yeah, just ask Marjorie to save them because I collect them for charities.

Jess: Who was with you when you were at Radnor? Who did you meet there?

Justin: Oh, Beth. Beth, she used to be at Radnor High School with me but now she's at Radnor Middle School in Pennsylvania. That's where I also was to.

Jess: Can you tell me a little more about that?

Justin: Wake up. I'm telling myself to wake up. So Radnor Middle School is this way. The high school is this way, isn't it?

Jess: I'm not sure.

Justin: Is it this way?

Jess: Would you mind telling me a little more about Beth?

Justin: Yeah because Beth used to be my old high school teacher before. So she's... she see's... she'll... so she is a good person to me from last year when I was over there before.

Jess: What did she teach you?

Justin: She'd teach me anything. She'd teach me anything because some kids over there used to drop coins on the floor and I could tell by the sound of it by a penny or a quarter I can tell you by the sound of it.

Jess: What else did you do over there?

Justin: Did you guys bring anything I can put my coins into?

Jess: I don't think so. We'll have to check later though but I don't think we knew you were looking.

Justin: Did you bring anything? Like an empty container or anything?

Nikki: No I didn't. Sorry Justin.

Justin: It's OK. I like coins in my container at home.

Jess: Why do you like to collect coins?

Justin: Because that's my thing to do. Where's your bag?

Jess: My bag?

Justin: Mm-hm.

Jess: It's just right next to me over here.

Justin: What kind of bag is that? Like a... does it say Sixers on it?

Jess: No. Do you have a bag that says Sixers on it?

Justin: Mm-mm.

Jess: Why did you ask me if my bag said Sixers on it?

Justin: What kind of bag is it?

Jess: It's just like a little purse.

Justin: Oh, how cute.

Jess: Thank you.

Justin: Tell Marjorie to check.

Jess: We'll tell Marjorie about the check... We'll tell Marjorie and JJ. They still need to see it.

Justin: And see if they've got wheelchair accessible. Ask Marjorie if that place is wheelchair accessible because I might want to take a ride down there and look at the books and everything so I want to go look at the books or something like that because I want to, because I want to do it so bad. I want to go look at the library and everything. See if she has computers so I can take a look down with it. Don't you guys have any computers?

Jess: I think they probably have computers. Do you have a computer?

Justin: No.

Jess: Do you get to use a computer here?

Justin: Mm-mm.

Jess: Why are you interested in going to use the computer?

Justin: Because I want to download the CD at home tomorrow to my radio if AJ has a... like a CD disc. Like a CD disc or something like that. Does he have a CD disc?

Jess: This is definitely gonna get made into a CD for you that you can play in your CD player.

Justin: How do you do that? Like how do you make it?

Jess: I have no idea. It's just... there's some buttons. I'm really not the person to ask this question. I wish I could help.

Justin: I'm trying to look for a CD I can get recording over my voice onto the CD.

Jess: What do you want to hear your voice say on the CD?

Justin: Anything. Like anything. Like this place is good and everything so... I hope you plug your thing in..

Jess: Yeah you did help plug in the headphones.

Justin: How I did it?

Jess: How did you do it?

Justin: Mm-hm.

Jess: You tell me.

Justin: Which way does it go? Which way does it go? Does it go right into the speaker or?

Jess: Your voice?

Justin: No.

Jess: The headphones?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: They go into this little hole on the side there. Remember you plugged it in there?

Justin: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jess: Yea, yeah.

Justin: Yeah. So are these your earphones?

Nikki: They are Temple's.

Justin: Where can I buy these? Where can I buy these earphones because I have a radio at home and I want to listen to my music on the earphones? Where can I buy these earphones?

Nikki: I'm not sure. I think they bought them online. You can get them sometimes drug stores will have them or...

Justin: Can I get them online?

Nikki: Yeah.

Jess: I think so.

Justin: Where can I get these online?

Jess: You can probably search earphones and something will pop up.

Justin: Because I'm trying... I get a computer at home. How can I get online with that?

Jess: You have a computer at home?

Justin: Mm-hm.

Jess: OK. I don't know. Again computers are not my thing so I don't really know how to specifically do it but you tell me what you usually use the computer at home for?

Justin: For printing paper or something like that.

Jess: What do you print?

Justin: Anything. Copies or something like that. So which way is Temple? Is it... which street is it on?

Jess: I've really only been to Temple once before so I'm probably not the best person to ask.

Justin: No, no, no. Where's Temple ... where's the Temple, street located?

Jess: It's farther east than that. You'd have to take 202 to get to Philly and then you'd have to get to Temple.

Justin: Can you give me directions to me before... please give me the directions to me before you leave?

Jess: We'll find someone who knows the directions and we'll talk to them about it.

Justin: Actually Marjorie. Marjorie might know it.

Jess: I think Marjorie might be the person to meet. I think we've got a ...

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Little date planned.

Justin: She's a pretty lady.

Jess: Have you met her before?

Justin: No, no, no, no. I think she's a pretty lady and tell her the trick later. I want. If you drop any coin on the floor, on the table like the sound of a penny or nickel I can tell by the sound of it. Who did I get the pennies from last time? Did I get it from you?

Nikki: I don't think I give you pennies. I think our friend Lisa.

Justin: She's the cute one. She's very cute. She did give me a lot of pennies though. Did you bring an empty jar with you?

Jess: I didn't. I'm sorry.

Justin: You don't have anything in your bag like an empty container?

Jess: It's a really small bag. I'm sorry. See.

Justin: Does it have a strap on it?

Jess: It has a strap but it's too small to carry any sort of container or anything so I didn't bring anything like that. I'm sorry.

Justin: Tell Marjorie we're collecting the pennies.

Jess: You can tell her yourself.

Justin: I'm collecting pennies for my collection.

Jess: How big is your penny collection?

Justin: Really big.

Jess: Are you proud of your penny collection?

Justin: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Yep.

Jess: Is there anything else you're proud of?

Justin: That's it. That's about it. So where is that place located?

Jess: We're going to ask Marjorie.

Justin: Is she here?

Jess: She's upstairs and we'll meet her afterwards. You can meet her at the pizza.

Justin: Who is she upstairs with?

Jess: She's upstairs talking with Helen. Do you know Helen?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Is she a friend of yours?

Justin: Yeah she's a friend of mine but she's a good lady. She likes to take trash out.

Jess: Sounds like you have a lot of friends here.

Justin: How can Marjorie get upstairs? The front steps? You have to go through it? The front steps, you have to go upstairs to the front steps to get upstairs?

Jess: Mm-hm.

Justin: Those are big steps, aren't they?

Jess; There's a lot of them.

Justin: Sometimes I think I'd like to go out the back steps because in the back steps. Sometimes he likes to run. You remember... You remember I went to the pool last year?

Jess: You went to the pool?

Justin: Yep.

Jess: Can you tell me about that? I didn't know.

Justin: It's in Gwynedd. It's on... It's by Al's house. Because I use to go into the pool and swim and get him down because that water is too deep. You see the water I'm talking about? The pool water? It's way too deep for him to get all the way down there and go in the deep end. I have to go swimming to go get him out. I'm so strong.

Jess: Are you a good swimmer?

Justin: Yeah. I'm good at it.

Jess; You like being in the water?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

Justin: Because I used to have a float thing because I used to have a float thing long before... floating device. My floating device. One of those floaties. Like a floatie device like one of those... like one of those blue devices. Can you tell her to give me directions to that place for next week so I can take a ride down there?

Jess: I can. We will talk to her about all of this, I promise.

Justin: Because I have a coin collection and she can see it to believe it.

Jess: Where do you keep your coin collection?

Justin: At home.

Jess: Oh, is it at home at your dad's house home?

Justin: No, no. At my house in Downington.

Jess: OK. You have a lot of places you call home.

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: That's kind of nice.

Justin: So which way, which way is your train? Which way does the train take you from here?

Nikki: It will take me north.

Justin: Not south?

Nikki: No.

Justin: North? Northeast?

Nikki: Yeah.

Justin: Is it far away from here?

Nikki: It's not too far.

Justin: Can you give me directions? Can you give me directions so I can take a ride down there and get on the trains (inaudible) next time maybe?

Nikki: I don't know. We'll talk about that after.

Justin: Because I want to take a ride up to there to the library and see how it is.

Nikki: We drove from Temple to here. We didn't take the train here. I took a train from New York to Philadelphia.

Justin: Oh, so you're saying you've got to take the train all the way to New York?

Nikki: Mm-hm.

Justin: Wow. You have to get back on the train today?

Nikki: Yeah. We'll talk about it at lunch if you want.

Justin: Mm-hm. So do you guys save any tabs at Temple? Can tabs?

Jess: I don't know if they do. We're going to ask Marjorie.

Justin: OK because I want to take a ride.

Jess: She's our Temple lady, the library, remember? You've got a lot of library questions for you and I'm sure she can answer some other questions.

Justin: Oh yeah. that's good, that's good. So is that thing... is that... does that computer have any websites?

Jess: Which computer?

Justin: The one at the library? Have any websites?

Jess: I would think so.

Justin: Because I'm trying to download the CD onto my voice on the computer. Ask Marjorie if I can take a ride down there next time maybe.

Jess: We'll ask her all about the library.

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Yeah.

Justin: What does she do for the library?

Jess: We'll find out. I think that it's better for her to tell you that then for me to try.

Justin: And show her the trick because I have a good trick.

Jess: Yeah.

Nikki: Justin, just remember we talked that last week that your voice is bring recorded here and we'll give you a CD you can keep but it'll take a little while for that happen. That will maybe take another month or two and then it will take some more time before your voice is at the library.

Justin: OK. Wow.

Nikki: That just takes a little bit of time so that takes a few month just so you know it doesn't happen right away.

Justin: How do you record my voice onto the library? How do you record it?

Jess: Remember we're recording your voice with this device.

Justin: Oh this device. Yeah.

Jess: Yeah and it's going right into this little microphone right here.

Justin: Oh yeah, wow.

Jess: Yeah.

Justin: Because I'm trying to get earphones for my radio at home.

Jess: You can get the headphones without getting the whole device so it's easy to get the headphones.

Justin: You think I can buy these from the store?

Jess: I do think so, yeah.

Justin: Or can I get them online?

Jess: Both. Whichever one.

Justin: What's your name? Lisa, right?

Jess: My name is Jess.

Justin: Or Jess, OK.

Jess: You met Lisa before.

Justin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So how can I get these earphones?

Jess: You can probably get them at a store but...

Justin: Like Walgreens or anything?

Jess: Yeah like any drugstore.

Justin: You're the prettiest lady ever.

Jess: Thank you.

Justin: I have a broken machine too.

Jess: You have a broken machine?

Justin: Mm-hm.

Jess: The skeeball machine?

Justin: Yeah it's broken. You never saw me playing basketball before?

Jess: Not yet.

Justin: She saw it.

Nikki: I did.

Justin: Did AJ see it? I mean JJ?

Nikki: I think he was busy setting up so you'll have to make sure he sees you and probably he'll want to take a picture of you shooting hoops then.

Justin: That's a good idea. We'll do that. That's a great idea. So is he, does he... does he go to Temple too?

Nikki: He works for Temple like I do.

Justin: What jobs does he do?

Nikki: The same job he's doing here. This is his job for Temple.

Justin: Oh, taking pictures. Wow. How big is that camera of his? That electric...

Jess: It looks pretty good.

Staff: Oh, sorry Jess.

Justin: It's OK. You can come through.

(Talking in background)

Justin: So where is that located again? The place you were saying?

Jess: Temple?

Justin: It's not on 202 is it?

Jess: It's in Philly. Remember you have to go on 202 and then you'll get to Philly and then from there you can get to Temple.

Justin: Wow.

Jess: But we don't need to worry about that right now.

Justin: I don't know if that place is wheelchair accessible or not. The place you said, the library area. That's not wheelchair accessible, is it?

Jess: I don't know. We're going to ask Marjorie remember?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Yeah.

Justin: I'll ask her today and see if they can... see if I can work in the library one of these days. I want to work down over there. You know what I mean? You know I want to work down there with you.

Jess: That's someplace you'd like to work?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: How come?

Justin: Because I do. Don't they have paper shredders at the library?

Jess: These are all good questions we can ask.

Justin: What do the janitors do over there at Temple? Do they take the trash or anything like that? Like garbage?

Jess: I would think so but I'm not sure. I'm not sure about any of those so I don't want to give you the wrong answers.

Justin: Maybe later. Give me Marjorie's ID and help me get into the library.

Jess: We'll ask her all about her library.

Justin: I don't know if it's wheelchair accessible and has a ramp in it for me to get inside of it. Does it have a ramp in it maybe?

Jess: We'll find out. We'll find out.

Justin: Do you save empty containers at the library?

Jess: We're going to ask her all these questions. I've never been to this library.

Justin: Me either. I've never been to the library either. I've never been at the library before. It's my first time.

Jess: You've been to other libraries though, you said.

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Right?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: At Radnor?

Justin: Yep.

Jess: What'd you like about the library?

Justin: It's good. It's good. It's good because I used to collect coins over there because I did my coin collection at Radnor High School before. I used to drop coins on the floor.

Jess: Where do you find the coins?

Justin: In the cafeteria on the floor.

Staff: How are you Courtney?

Justin: You just interrupted.

Staff: I'm sorry!

Justin: It's OK. We cut through. It's OK.

Staff: Thank you.

Justin: Sure. So where is your place located?

Jess: You mean the library?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: I'm not sure exactly how to get there. I've never been, remember but we can ask Marjorie all of your questions about that.

Justin: Ask Marjorie. Can she give me the directions?

Jess: We'll find out. I'll introduce you, OK?

Justin: Yeah, yeah.

Jess: OK.

Justin: Yeah so do you want me to help you write anything?

Jess: I'm OK. Thank you though.

Justin: Do you have any click pens with you?

Jess: The click top? Is that what you mean, the click pens?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Yeah I don't have any pens with me.

Justin: You don't have any pens, do you?

Jess: Why do you like those kinds of pens?

Justin: Because I do because they're good for me to hold.

Jess: Just to hold? Like do you hold when you're not writing with them?

Justin: Just hold them, yeah. I need something to hold. If you got something, if I can hold something.

Jess: Hmm... Would the hat help?

Justin: Oh yeah, yeah.

Jess: Let's hold that.

Justin: So where is Temple? Which way is Temple located?

Jess: Its east of here. I don't know exactly where.

Justin: Can you tell Marjorie to give me directions?

Jess: We're going to introduce you to Marjorie. You can talk about all of this yourself.

Justin: Oh yeah, yeah.

Jess: Yeah. We have a whole lunch to talk.

Justin: Oh yes, yeah. So who's going to bring the lunch? You? Or who's going to bring it?

Nikki: Temple is ordering pizza. Lisa ordered pizza.

Justin: Oh, good. Yay. I'm happy. Yay. How many pennies did she give me? She gave me like a dollar in change?

Jess: That's a lot of pennies.

Nikki: I don't know how many pennies she gave you.

Justin: I'm looking for more pennies I can put in my jar at home. Did she bring an empty bottle with her? Did Marjorie bring an empty bottle?

Jess: I don't think so.

Justin: Because I really need something empty I can put my coins into.

Jess: What are they in now?

Justin: Nothing.

Jess: Where do you keep them?

Justin: In my drawer in that small bottle at home, like any bottle. I put them there. So how do you record this ... my voice?

Jess: Remember you've got your little microphone?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Yeah the closer you get the louder you get.

Justin: The louder you get the louder you can go.

Jess: Don't get too close.

Justin: I'm not getting too close. It's OK. Cut through here. Do you have anything I can do for you?

Jess: For me?

Justin: Yeah when I go down to Temple do you have anything I can do for you?

Jess: I'm all set.

Justin: What are you going to do?

Jess: Right now? Or what is she going to do right now?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: I think she's just closing the door.

Justin: It's OK. So do you need help with anything?

Nikki: No thank you Justin.

Jess: You like helping people?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: What kinds of things do you do to help people around here?

Justin: Like taking bottles to the door, bringing a water bottle to the kitchen and pushing it with the fountain. Thanks (inaudible) They should keep it closed.

Jess: It's closed now.

Justin: Why do they keep the sign saying keep it close for a reason? They should put a sign on the door say "Leave it closed. Leave it closed" They should do that. So are you... are you a friend of this?

Jess: Am I?

Justin: Are you a friend of this Temple?

Jess: I'm a friend of Temple. I think that's a pretty good way to describe it actually.

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Yeah. That's really helpful.

Justin: Which way... how much are you inside your place? I might want to take a ride down there and see how your place is or something like that.

Jess: I'm not sure exactly how the campus is set up because again I've only been there once.

Justin: Let me ask JJ.

Jess: We'll ask Marjorie.

Justin: Yeah Marjorie.

Jess: Remember we're going to meet her.

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: She works in the library.

Justin: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jess: We've got a lot of questions for her.

Justin: Does she give out books or anything like that, like books? Like books or something? Like books? Like magazine books like this?

Jess: I think these are good questions we can ask her.

Justin: Yeah, yeah.

Jess: Why do you like this magazine in particular?

Justin: Because it's better for me to read it because the fire house people gave me this.

Jess: Who gave it to you?

Justin: The fire house people. They have magazines like this in the fire house.

Jess: When did you go to the firehouse?

Justin: I like to go down there. Have a good ... I mean this place. Temple is a good facility for this company. Temple is very good to you girls. I mean Temple is a very good university. I can't say it. University..

Jess: University.

Justin: Yeah. Marjorie is a good librarian and everything. She's a good librarian. She should bring me some library magazines like this. Magazines from libraries (inaudible). Does she collect coins at the library or what?

Jess: I think we'll have to ask her.

Justin: OK. Is she upstairs with somebody?

Jess: Do you want to go meet her soon? Because I think if we go to lunch soon we could meet her...

Justin: Yeah, yeah. Why not.

Jess: And wrap up in here.

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Sound good?

Justin: Sounds good.

Jess: OK. Thank you.

Justin: Do you have to use buffers to clean the library?

Jess: We'll add it to the list of questions for Marjorie, alright?

Justin: That's a long list.

Jess: Sounds good.

Justin: It's a long one.

Jess: Do you mind if we stop recording soon?

Justin: Yeah, yeah. You can stop.

Jess: We can stop? Do we need to take a few seconds? Mind if we're quiet for a few seconds?

Justin: Yep.


Photos by JJ Tiziou

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