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recorded at Selinsgrove Center April 2015
PHOTO of Frank
photo by JJ Tiziou

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LIVES LIVED APART Interview with Frank Recorded April 11, 2015

PHOTO of Frank with his interviewer, Bill

Bill: This is Bill Katz and I am at Selinsgrove Center with Frank...

Frank: Gilorama.

Bill: Gilorama and it is about 1:15 in the afternoon of April 11th, 2015. Great and first of all thank you so much for having this meeting. It's really a pleasure for me and I hope I'll make it a pleasure for you too. Tell me where were you born and when? Do you remember? You wouldn't remember being born.

Frank: No I don't.

Bill: You told me over lunch. Where are you from?

Frank: Philadelphia.

Bill: Philadelphia and do you know what part of Philadelphia?

Frank: South.

Bill: South Philadelphia.

Frank: Yep.

Bill: OK and you were and today is your birthday, correct?

Frank: Yep, you got it.

Bill: How old are you today?

Frank: 68.

Bill: 68. Wow. Congratulations and Happy Birthday.

Frank: Thanks.

Bill: That's terrific. What's the earliest memory, Frank, that you have? When you think about your childhood, what do you remember? Do you remember anything about Philadelphia?

Frank: Um.

Bill: No? Nothing at all?

Frank: Nope.

Bill: Is your earliest memory here at Selinsgrove?

Frank: Yep.

Bill: Can you tell me what it is? What do you remember... the first thing you remember about Selinsgrove?

Frank: All the other buildings.

Bill: The buildings?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: And how old were you when you came here?

Frank: 11.

Bill: 11? So you were just a boy.

Frank: Yep.

Bill: And what happened the day you came here? Do you remember that? The very first day that you came to Selinsgrove? Were you happy about it?


Frank: Yeah.

Bill: You were?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: What made you happy?

Frank: I can't remember.

Bill: That's OK. Take as much time as you'd like. Would you like a candy?

Frank: Not right now.

Bill: Frank, do you remember about your life before you came here?

Frank: Uh. I can't remember.

Bill: Did you live with family or some people?

Frank: Yeah a long time ago.

Bill: A long time ago?

Frank: Yep.

Bill: Do you remember anything about them?

Frank: No.

Bill: You don't?

Frank: I can't remember.

Bill: OK. So when you came to Selinsgrove...

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Who was the first person you met or who was your close friend maybe? When you were 11 do you remember anyone from that period?

Frank: No I don't. I don't remember.

Bill: I know it's a long time.

Frank: I'm trying to remember.

Bill: That's true. Who do you remember from your early days at Selinsgrove? Anyone at all? Are their people here now who were there then?

Frank: Yeah, some people are a long gone. I can't remember anymore.

Bill: OK. Did you like Selinsgrove when you first got here?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: You did? Right away?

Frank: Not right away. It took time. It took time. Sometimes I liked it, sometimes I hate it. That was many moons ago.

Bill: Yeah.

Frank: it was kind of weird at that time.

Bill: What did you like about it?

Frank: The place had been here a while. I liked it then. I liked (Inaudible).

Bill: Did you like the food?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: And how about the people? How about the teachers?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: Is there any teacher that stands out in your mind as being especially nice?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: Who would that be?

Frank: I can't remember but that's... nice teachers.

Bill: Uh-huh. Did you have favorite subjects to study?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: What was it?

Frank: I can't remember anymore.

Bill: What was it woodworking then? Did you get to learn woodworking when you were a boy here?

Frank: Yeah. Oh yeah.

Bill: Did you help to take care of the grounds?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: What kind of jobs did you do?

Frank: Lawns and stuff.

Bill: The lawns?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Did you mow the lawn?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: How about raking?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: Yeah?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Do you like being outside?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: Better than being inside?

Frank: Outside.

Bill: Outside?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK and did you have a job here at Selinsgrove that's responsibility as you got older?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: What was it?

Frank: Ride the truck, riding the truck.

Bill: Riding the truck?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: And where were you going when you rode in the truck?

Frank: Picking up the laundry.

Bill: Oh the laundry.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK. Did you work in the laundry?

Frank: No, I worked in the truck.

Bill: In the truck?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: So you... tell me what your day was like when you worked on the truck.

Frank: ... drive up to laundry and clean, stuff like that.

Bill: Right. You picked up the laundry, you went in the truck and you picked up the laundry around the grounds.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: And then did you take the laundry to the laundering area where they had washing machines and things?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: How about when it was clean?

Frank: Yeah. We took it to the living areas.

Bill: You took it to the living areas?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: And did you do that job for a long time, Frank?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Do you know how many years?

Frank: Many years. Can't remember.

Bill: Mm-hm. And was there anything when you got to Selinsgrove that surprised you?

Frank: No.

Bill: Nothing surprised you?

Frank: No.

Bill: Was there anything you did not like?

Frank: No.

Bill: It all seemed good to you?

Frank: Yep.

Bill: OK. Is there anyone that you... well who is... I'll say it like this, who is the first person you remembered here, Frank, that you were friends with? Maybe when you were a teenager or an adult?

Frank: I can't remember.

Bill: You can't remember?

Frank: No.

Bill: OK. Here at Selinsgrove you eventually got a job at Weis Markets, right?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Was that your first job?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK, what did you do at Weis?

Frank: Gathered carts up.

Bill: Oh gathered carts? Yeah?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: In the parking lot?

Frank: Yeah. How did you find out?

Bill: You know I thought... someone told me you worked at Weis. I didn't know what you did though.

Frank: Yeah, I gathered carts.

Bill: Yeah. Did you like the job?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: What did you like about it?

Frank: Gathering the carts up.

Bill: What was fun about that job?

Frank: I get to talk to people.

Bill: Oh. Were they nice?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: Nice people?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: Did you ever meet any mean people?

Frank: No.

Bill: And how about, did you have a boss?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: Who was that?

Frank: Cath.

Bill: Cath?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK and she was nice?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Uh-huh and how much money did you make working there, do you remember?

Frank: No I don't.

Bill: No?

Frank: No. I made money.

Bill: What did you do with the money that you earned there?

Frank: Went to the bank.

Bill: In the bank?

Frank: Went to the bank and he (inaudible) office.

Bill: OK, so at Weis did you do anything other than pick up the carts outside? Did you help put groceries in bags?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Oh, OK and how about taking bags to cars for people?

Frank: Yeah, oh yeah.

Bill: All of that. What's the best way to pack a bag, Frank, a bag of groceries? Do they teach you how to pack a bag of groceries?

Frank: No. They do that when they check out.

Bill: Right.

Frank: They do that, so...

Bill: Oh, they pack the groceries.

Frank: Yeah, they pack them. I don't pack them.

Bill: OK. You just help people get them to the car?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK and do you know how long you worked at Weis? Was it a long, long time?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: How many years do you think?

Frank: I couldn't remember but about a year and a half.

Bill: About a year and a half?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Mm-hm and did you work every day or just some days?

Frank: Certain days.

Bill: Like every other day maybe?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Mm-hm.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Was there anything you didn't like about working at Weis?

Frank: No.

Bill: Everything was good there?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Why did you decide to stop working there?

Frank: It was limited hours... (Inaudible).

Bill: I see.

Frank: And I was putting too many over.

Bill: Oh.

Frank: They said I had to give it up.

Bill: How did you feel when you had to give it up?

Frank: I was OK.

Bill: You didn't miss it?

Frank: No.

Bill: What did you do with the time that you used to be at Weis Markets? Could you do something else instead?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: What?

Frank: That's when I got to the garage.

Bill: Got to the...

Frank: Garage.

Bill: OK. What do you do here on a typical day, Frank? What's your day like usually? If we hadn't come today what would you have done?

Frank: I'd be out walking.

Bill: You'd be out walking?

Frank: Yeah, that's what I'd be doing.

Bill: How much do you walk?

Frank: Oh, every day.

Bill: How far? How many...

Frank: All the way.

Bill: Really?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: How long does it take?

Frank: Oh it takes about...

Bill: Mm-hm. How many times a day do you walk?

Frank: Just about every day.

Bill: Once every day or twice a day?

Frank: Twice a day.

Bill: Twice a day?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: What time of day do you walk?

Frank: After dinner.

Bill: After dinner?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: In the middle of the day?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: That's once. What's the other time?

Frank: After supper.

Bill: After supper?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Even if it's dark?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: Really? You walk in the dark too?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Do you see animals when you walk?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: What kind of animals have you seen?

Frank: Deer.

Bill: Deer? OK.

Frank: Oh yeah they're all over the place.

Bill: Do you ever see a fox?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: Yeah? Coyotes? No?

Frank: I haven't seen one of them.

Bill: Yeah, there's more and more of them but what other kinds of animals have you seen?

Frank: Cats.

Bill: Uh-huh. Do you have friends you like to walk with or do you walk by yourself?

Frank: Walk by myself.

Bill: Uh-huh and so you walk twice a day?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: What else do you like to do with your day?

Frank: I like to watch TV.

Bill: Watch TV?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: You have a workshop, right?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: You told me you have a workshop?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: When do you work in your workshop?

Frank: When I have time.

Bill: Will you work there today when we're finished, do you think?

Frank: I'll probably take a break today.

Bill: Take a break today?

Frank: Yeah, it was a big day.

Bill: Yeah it was a big day. What do you do when you workshop?

Frank: Make stuff.

Bill: Mm-hm.

Frank: I get kits and I play with them.

Bill: Oh you get the extra kits?

Frank: Yeah and I do other things.

Bill: You showed me earlier your kits, the kits that you make from Lowes.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: But maybe you could tell us again about those kits and how you make them and when you made them and what Lowes is? Because the people, whoever will be listening to this someday, won't know about that and it would be great if you could tell me.

Frank: Lowes is a home improvement...

Bill: OK, is Lowes in...

Frank: In Selinsgrove.

Bill: In Selinsgrove?

Frank: It's in the strip.

Bill: Right, in the shopping center?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: What kind of store is Lowes?

Frank: Home improvement.

Bill: Home improvement, OK, and so when did they give you the kits?

Frank: When they have them, when they have a extra kit they give them to me...  and I just I like putting them together.

Bill: What are the kits that you showed me? What kinds of things did you make?

Frank: Toolbox.

Bill: Yes.

Frank: A truck, birdhouse, and a snowman.

Bill: Ah, that's great. You're missing one this afternoon, right? There was another Lowes coming today, right? Was it today?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: I wonder what they were going to make today.

Frank: I don't know.

Bill: I bet there will be an extra kit today though you could make it.

Frank: Yeah, I'll stop and ask them after today.

Bill: Yeah. Do you have your own tools, Frank?

Frank: Yes.

Bill: How did you get those? Did you buy them?

Frank: Yep.

Bill: OK.

Frank: Sometimes I order. When they did the Christmas order I said I'd order then. That's how I got it.

Bill: Which tools do you have? What kinds of tools do you have?

Frank: Wrenches, screwdrivers...

Bill: Wrenches, screwdrivers.

Frank: Power drill.

Bill: Mm-hm.

Franks: Stuff like that.

Bill: Mm-hm and what was your favorite project?

Frank: Making the snowman.

Bill: Making the snowman?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK. I like that. I saw the snowman. It was neat.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: That was great.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Who helps you with making them? Is it someone from school here?

Frank: A bunch of guys help.

Bill: OK.

Frank: Yeah. I know how to do it so I just do it with them.

Bill: Right. Do you have a close friend here? A special friend in Selinsgrove? Best friend?

Frank: Yeah. Yeah.

Bill: Maybe more than one?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Who are they, Frank?

Frank: Jimmy.

Bill: Jimmy in the green shirt?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: I met Jimmy.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Yes, he's very nice.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Have you known Jimmy for a long time?

Frank: Yes I have.

Bill: Were you boys together?

Frank: Huh?

Bill: Did he come here when he was young too?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: So you were boys together.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK. What do you like about Jimmy?

Frank: I just like him. Just a friend. Yeah.

Bill: Is there someone here at Selinsgrove who has been especially nice to you or has done a really nice thing for you in your years here?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: When you think about all the people you've known at Selinsgrove.

Frank: I can't remember.

Bill: Yeah.

Frank: They're long gone so I can't remember who they are anymore.

Bill: Yeah. Who do you remember?

Frank: Ones that are here.

Bill: Mm-hm. The ones that are here now.

Frank: Yeah. The ones right now.

Bill: Yeah. Do you have a favorite member of the staff?

Frank: Nope.

Bill: No? Is there, other than woodworking and walking, is there anything else that you especially like to do? You watch TV. Favorite show?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: What's your favorite show?

Frank: Music Show.

Bill: Music show?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK. What kind of music do you like?

Frank: Caucus.

Bill: Oh, caucus? Do you watch Lawrence Welk? Is he a favorite?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah? Do you still watch that?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: Mm-hm. When is it on?

Frank: Saturday nights.

Bill: Saturday nights. What time?

Frank: At six.

Bill: At six, OK.

Frank: And poker is on from eight to nine.

Bill: OK. Do you watch it with other people here at Selinsgrove or just you?

Frank: In my own room and watch it.

Bill: In your own room? OK. What do you look forward to each day? IS there something you especially like in the day?

Frank: I don't plan. I can't think of anything.

Bill: What's the highlight of your day? Is it watching TV?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Really?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: You like that even better than dinner?

Frank: Yeah. I love that too.

Bill: Yeah. I think dinner is my favorite part of the day.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Is there anything that you've always wanted to do but haven't been able to yet?

Frank: No.

Bill: No?

Frank: No.

Bill: You've had a chance to do everything you've wanted to do?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: And let's see... Is there anything you don't like about your day here?

Frank: Oh yeah. I don't like everything.

Bill: Oh yeah? What don't you like?

Frank: I don't know.

Bill: When do you say "Oh man, I wish I didn't have to do that"?

Frank: I don't say that.

Bill: No?

Frank: I like doing it.

Bill: You like it all? If you could change anything about your day to day life here...

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Is there anything you would change? Everything is really good?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK. And you don't miss working at Weis?

Frank: No.

Bill: No?

Frank: No.

Bill: How about the people at Weis? Do you miss them?

Frank: Yeah, I see them every time I'm down there.

Bill: OH you see them? OK. Now tell me, you go every week, you go to the mall.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Right?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: How long do you stay there and when do you leave here?

Frank: One o'clock.

Bill: One o'clock? And then when do you come back?

Frank: Four.

Bill: How do you get there?

Frank: They take you there.

Bill: They take you there?

Frank: You take you and drop you off and they bring you back.

Bill: OK. You meet at the same place every time?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Is it the same driver who takes you? Who drives the bus?

Frank: Different people do it.

Bill: Different people do it?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK and what do you do when you go to the mall?

Frank: Walk around.

Bill: Do you go to certain stores each time?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Which stores do you go to?

Frank: Go to Sears.

Bill: Sears, OK. Why Sears? What do you like about Sears?

Frank: Their tools.

Bill: Their tools?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: I love tools too.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: And you just walk around and look at all of them?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: What tool does Sears have that you wish you had?

Frank: (inaudible)

Bill: Yeah? Do you like the electric tools or the hand tools?

Frank: Hand tools.

Bill: Which kind? Ratchet sets? Things like that?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: And do you have some of them?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: Yeah. Yeah. And after you go to Sears then where do you go?

Frank: Lowes.

Bill: You go to Lowes.

Frank: look around their stuff.

Bill: OK. Do you have favorite departments at Lowes?

Frank: No.

Bill: Do you go to the tool center there?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah. Do you go to the lumber?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah. You like working with wood?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah. Do you know the people at Lowes?

Frank: Some of them, I do.

Bill: Some of them who work there?

Frank: I can't remember them all.

Bill: Yeah. Are they nice to you there?

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: Do you usually buy things at Lowes?

Frank: Once in a while.

Bill: Yeah but they don't mind if you don't buy things?

Frank: Oh no.

Bill: No? Do the people there know you?

Frank: Some of them do.

Bill: Some of them do?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: How about the manager? Does he or she know you?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah? Do you remember their names?

Frank: No.

Bill: No? OK and after you go to... so you usually go to the hardware department, you go to the lumber department?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Any other department you like to go to?

Frank: I go to them all.

Bill: You go to them all?

Frank: I go to all of them.

Bill: OK. Where do you go after Lowes? What stores do you go to?

Frank: I go to Weis to get my snacks.

Bill: Oh, you get snacks at Weis?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Oh, OK. What are your favorite snacks?

Frank: Candy and chips.

Bill: Mm-hm. Special kind of candy that you like?

Frank: No.

Bill: No?

Frank: Any kind.

Bill: OK.

Frank: Any kind.

Bill: Yes.

Frank: I like candy. I can't remember all of them.

Bill: You want some of these?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Help yourself. Those are tic-tacs.

Frank: Oh yeah.

Bill: They're probably making noise right there on the tape but...

Frank: Oh boy.

Bill: That's too bad.

Staff: Real life.

Bill: That's right.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: That's right. So you go to Weis for your snacks?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: And then where do you go? You say hello to your old friends there I guess?

Frank: Yeah and then I go back, get a ride.

Bill: Get a ride back. So that's your afternoon?

Frank: Yep.

Bill: That sounds nice and you do that by yourself?

Frank: Yep.

Bill: OK. And that... what day of the week do you do that.

Frank: Usually on Sundays.

Bill: Sundays? OK.

Frank: Sundays and the holidays.

Bill: Do you go to the garden center at Lowes because you like the outdoors, right?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah. Do you ever plant things?

Frank: No.

Bill: No?

Frank: I don't plant.

Bill: When you were a boy here...

Frank: I don't remember.

Bill: You don't remember? OK. What else is special about your week that you like to do?

Frank: Just work.

Bill: Just work?

Frank: yep.

Bill: Do you have any special chores that you're responsible for here at Selinsgrove Center? Do you have any jobs here at Selinsgrove?

Frank: During the week, yeah.

Bill: What are those jobs?

Frank: The garage is always there but ...

Bill: You work in the garage?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK. What do you do there?

Frank: Change oil and stuff.

Bill: Oh.

Frank: Grease and oil change.

Bill: Oh, you do grease and oil changes on trucks and stuff? Oh, I see.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: So is that when you get to use your sockets and tools and so forth?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Mm. So that must be fun.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah and do you work on small motors too like lawnmowers and that sort of thing?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK. Who taught you how to do that work?

Frank: He did.

Bill: He did?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: What's his name? Do you remember?

Frank: Brad.

Bill: Brad?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Does he work there now?

Frank: Well not today but... He works during the week.

Bill: During the week? OK.

Frank: Monday through Friday. There's nobody here now.

Bill: Mm-hm. So what time of the day do you go there?

Frank: After dinner.

Bill: After dinner?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: And then you're there for how long?

Frank: About a quarter after four.

Bill: Quarter of four? So the afternoon?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Few hours in the afternoon.

Frank: Yeah. One to four.

Bill: Mm-hm and you do whatever Brad asks you to?

Frank: Yep.

Bill: And usually what kinds of jobs do you do there? Other than... is it always changing oil?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: OK. What else? What other kinds of things?

Frank: Um... (inaudible)

Bill: Mm-hm.

Frank: Checking the oil.

Bill: Do you ever help him with bigger jobs? Working on motors and things?

Frank: We don't do that kind of work.

Bill: Oh you don't do that anymore?

Frank: No. We do everything else.

Bill: Oh, I see.

Frank: It's sent out.

Bill: Do you like Brad?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: What's good about Brad?

Frank: Good helper.

Bill: Yeah, has anyone, other than being able to help out Brad, is there anyone here at Selinsgrove, a friend or someone over the years you've known who've you been able to help? Nothing that you remember?

Frank: Nope.

Bill: OK, OK. So if you could do any kind of job that you'd like to, what would it be?

Frank: Whatever they want me to do.

Bill: Is there anything you've ever said "Gee, I wish I could do." Build a house? I don't know, something?

Frank: No.

Bill: Is there something you wish you could do?

Frank: No.

Bill: No? Good. Well, how long would you like to continue living here?

Frank: Long time.

Bill: Long time?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah, you like it here?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah, that's great.  If you could change anything about your life at all, would you?

Frank: No. This is it.

Bill: This is it?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: If... is there something about your life that makes you proud?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Feel good?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: What?

Frank: Being here.

Bill: Being here?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Proud of Selinsgrove?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: And your friends?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah. What makes you happiest, do you think?

Frank: Things to do.

Bill: Things to do?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Could you give me an example?

Frank: No.

Bill: No?

Frank: No.

Bill: OK. Is there anything else that you'd like to say today that I should've asked you and didn't? Maybe to tell us about your life here at Selinsgrove or before?

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Anything?

Frank: No.

Bill: No?

Frank: No.

Bill: You have any final questions, Marjorie?

Marjorie: I was wondering what you did when you were hanging out with your friends like June? Do you just hang out...

Frank: Yeah.

Marjorie: Or watch TV? What do you do?

Frank: We just hang out.

Bill: OK. Well great. We'll stop here.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: And say yeah and say thank you very much. It's been a pleasure.

Frank: Yeah.

Bill: Talking with you today.

Frank: Thank you.

Bill: We really appreciate it.

Frank: We really appreciate it.

Bill: Great.

Frank: Thank you. Sign off.

Bill: OK, thanks.



Photos by JJ Tiziou

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