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Transitions in Aging

Retirement Planning II

Leisure Activities (cont.)

  • How to adjust our leisure lifestyle as we age:
      - Adapt to changes as we age
      - Contact a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for assistance
      - Explore community and senior centers

Photo of seniors playing cards

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Notes and References

Many things can occur as we age that act as barriers to leisure participation. Oftentimes transportation and money can become an issue, we can feel like we don't have enough time, and we can become discouraged from the things we used to do when we were younger just because we are getting older.

The good news is that we can work through all of these barriers by adapting!1 If we once really enjoyed being a part of a bowling league but are now using a wheelchair to get around, we can still bowl! All we may need is a simple assistive device to allow us to bowl in a seated position. In addition to adapting the activities we already love, we can also explore new leisure activities. A Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist is someone who can help us with exploring new leisure interests. We can also check out our local community center or senior center to find out information about activities going on in our communities. Support that we didn't previously need, maybe from a caregiver or assistive device, might be needed in our retirement years in order to participate in activities that we love or activities that are new to us. Accept the support and continue participating!


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