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Transitions in Aging

Retirement Planning II

Planning for Activities of Daily Living


Assistive technology and a trustworthy support person

Photo of woman using a portable step to get into bed

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Notes and References

First, we should explore the assistive technology options that are available to meet our needs.

There are devices for almost every type of activity of daily living. To browse assistive technology devices and explore renting and lending options, visit Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology at in the resources.

Second, we should discuss with the people we trust: our loved ones, friends, neighbors, or care staff, during the time we need support with activities of daily living. Sometimes assistive devices may not provide us enough support and we need to turn to another person for help. Since these activities are personal, such as bathing and dressing, we should make sure we feel comfortable and trust this support person. If someone is not coming to mind while you are going through this module, you could discuss this further with the people you trust, as well as your health care providers in order to brainstorm options.