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Transitions in Aging

Retirement Planning II

Successful Aging

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  • Remaining independent
  • Living in the community
  • Making our own decisions
  • Continuing to participate in our favorite activities

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Notes and References

Why should we participate in community activities?

In the first module of this series, Successful Aging, we talked about the four key components contributing to successful aging: (1) remaining independent, (2) living in the community, (3) keeping the ability to make choices for oneself, and (4) engaging in enjoyable activities for as long as possible. The topics discussed in this module directly relate to successful aging. Everything is coming full circle. Planning, using assistive technology, and asking for help can help us to keep our independence as well as allow us to make our own decisions about what to participate in. Adapting to the barriers we experience as we age by using a device or changing the type of activity can also help us continue participating in the things that we enjoy.