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Transitions in Aging

Retirement Planning I

Stay and Go Kits

Photo of emergency preparedness kit

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Notes and References

In an emergency situation, we often have very little time to get ready. Therefore, we need to talk about emergency kits.

We should have a stay-kit for our homes, in which we have all the essential items, including water, nutrition bars, medications, and other items we need for our daily life, in case we need to stay in our own home for a couple of days. Also, we should have a go-kit prepared for when we must evacuate our homes. The kit should include essential items that we need on a day-to-day basis such as food and water, batteries, a solar or battery powered heat source, medications, and other necessities. In case we need to travel to a safe place, such as a shelter, we will still have the things we need.

Please take a look at a useful tool in the resources tab called "Stay and Go Kit", provided by the Pennsylvania Institute on Assistive Technology. A stay and go kit and a list for each kit can be downloaded and personalized to help you in case of a disaster or medical emergency.