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Transitions in Aging

Retirement Planning I

Emergency Alert Systems

Graphic of alert symbol

  • Emergency contact
  • Two other reliable sources

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Notes and References

How will we be alerted if there is an emergency or disaster?

First, we should think about who our emergency contact is. This is the person we will call when there is an emergency or disaster. We should also tell our emergency contacts that we would like them to alert us in an emergency just to be sure we know. That is our first layer of communication. In case our emergency contact cannot reach us in time, we should also have other reliable sources for emergency alerts. Our secondary layer of emergency alert system should be an alert system such as an alarm in our home, an alert app on our technological devices, or a TV news or radio station that will tell us if there are any disasters, such as severe flooding or snow, in our area. Just think about what is the best way for us to receive the information so we can prepare ourselves for potential emergency situations.

The "Emergency Communication 4 ALL...Picture Communication Aid", provided by Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology, can be used in emergency situations. To download this document, please go to the link in the resources section.