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Transitions in Aging

Retirement Planning I

Preparing for an Emergency

Graphic of how to be Red Cross ready

  • Emergency alert system
  • Emergency or disaster plan
  • Stay and go kits

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Notes and References

Some things we are going to talk about for emergency preparedness include emergency alert systems, emergency plans, and stay and go kits.

The emergency alert system is the way we find out about an emergency happening, whether that be in our homes, in our towns, or even in the nation as a whole. The emergency or disaster plan is something we create now before any emergencies come our way. The plan will help us be prepared for anything bad that may happen. The stay and go kits will keep all of the things we would need in an emergency in one spot. The stay-kit will have all the things we need if an emergency occurs that keeps us in our homes for a long period of time. The go-kit will have all of things we would need if an emergency occurs that makes us leave our homes for a long period of time. First, lets talk more about emergency alert systems.

Several documents and videos on preparing for an emergency situation are provided by Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology. These documents include helpful videos on how to prepare for an emergency, brochures on emergency access, documents to help us design our own personalized emergency readiness plan, and more. To access and download these documents, please go to the link in the resources section.