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Transitions in Aging

Retirement Planning I

Emergency - Key Terms

  • Emergency: Event or crisis that requires immediate action
  • Planning: Preparing for an emergency
  • Evacuation: Removing ourselves from the emergency
  • Shelter: A safe place to go during an emergency
  • First Aid: Treatment for an injury or sickness
  • Emergency kit: A collection of things needed in case of an emergency
  • Assistive technology: Devices that help us do the things we want to do

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Notes and References

An emergency is an event that sometimes makes us feel like something bad or scary is happening.

Emergencies usually require us to respond immediately, such as pouring water on a fire or evacuating our homes to go to a safe place or a shelter. To help these emergencies go more smoothly if or when they occur, we can plan to prepare for any emergencies that may happen. There are some kits we can put together, such as first aid and emergency kits, that will provide us with the things we need in an emergency. A first aid kit will have all of the things we would need if we get a minor injury, such as a burn or a cut, or if we don't feel well. The emergency kit will have all the things we would need to survive, such as food, water, medication, and clothes. Let's talk about each of the key items in more detail.