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Transitions in Aging

Aging in Place

Suggestions for Home Modification

  • Universal Design Principles
      - Design of environments, products, and communication for use by everyone
      - Watch this video:

    YouTube video title screen: Retrofitting for Accessibility Within Your Home

  • Examples:
      - Front-door ramps
      - Lever handles
      - Grab bars

NEXT: Fall Risk and Prevention

Notes and References

As we get older, walking, seeing, hearing, and reaching can become more difficult.

Making changes in our homes now is a better option than waiting until we cannot perform some tasks or move freely in our home. Making adjustments that are beneficial to every member of the family is called universal design. Some examples include using ramps to your front door instead of stairs, lever handles instead of door knobs, and grab bars next to the toilet or in the shower (which can help prevent falls when we lose balance). We can consider making these changes to our homes.

Watch this YouTube video for a tour of an accessible home:

This video shows us how everyone could benefit from a universal design and it also gives several examples of home modifications. We do not need to consider all of the changes suggested in the video, but we can identify what changes could be most beneficial for us as we get older. Now that we have covered the importance of home modifications, we will continue through the module to discuss a home assessment to help reduce accidents and falls.

If you are interested in installing any safety features in your home, or even a home security system, it is suggested that you discuss the options available with your loved ones, caregiver or a person you trust. More information on medical alert systems is available in the "Resources" tab.