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Transitions in Aging

Aging in Place

Benefits of Aging in Place

Photo of a man using wheelchair, opening kitchen drawer

  • We like to stay at home because:
      - Independence
      - Comfort and familiarity

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Notes and References

As we get older, we may experience some changes in our abilities.

For example, it might take us longer to complete a task when we become older. However, people like to stay in their home and community even if their abilities change. There are some benefits to getting older in our own homes, such as independence, familiarity, and comfort. Most people like the idea of becoming old in their own home because they are familiar with the environment and know what things to do and how to do them in that environment. People also like to choose the activities they do every day and to be able to do things with people they know.1 So growing older in the same environment can help people feel safe and make them feel that they belong.2 Can you think of other benefits of aging in place?


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