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Transitions in Aging

Promoting Community Participation

Community Events (Cont.)

  • Be sure participants have an assigned job that meets their competency level
  • Extra care staff may be helpful
    • Socializing with others and change of environment are sometimes uncomfortable
  • Consider the space in which you are facilitating the activity
    • How many wheelchairs or chairs need to fit?

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Notes and References

We should also consider the potential barriers these types of activities present for this group of participants.

First, be sure that we can involve everyone in the event based on their skills and interests. Some individuals might enjoy cooking and, therefore, giving them the task of preparing food might fit their interests. Others might be experienced gardeners. Engaging them in growing vegetables that can be used in a food drive might add more meaning and a sense of purpose to their hobby. Second, if the activity is in a new location for older adults with developmental disabilities, we might want to have family members or support staff accompany the individual to provide necessary assistance. Finally, we should consider whether the environment is accessible or whether tasks need to be modified to engage the individual.