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Transitions in Aging

Community Participation

Some Ways to Participate in the Community

Photo of senior with children gardening

  • Civic engagement
  • Volunteer activities
  • Paid opportunities
  • Leisure and involvement in recreational activities

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Notes and References

In this module we will discuss ways for us to participate in civic engagement, volunteer activities, paid opportunities, and leisure/recreation activities.

Engaging in civic activities might mean voting or being an advocate for our rights. We can also volunteer for different organizations in our community or work in a paid position. Finally, we can also spend our free time in leisure and recreational activities. Although we focus on these four types of activities, there are many other ways to participate in our communities, so don't limit yourself!

As mentioned earlier, it is helpful to ask support from friends, family or support staff, when taking part in activities. Especially, when doing a new activity, connecting with an experienced individual, or mentor, may help to promote better experience.1 Also, having a specific role when doing an activity can make us feel important and continue our participation.1

Now we'll talk about each of these in more detail.


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