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Transitions in Aging

Community Participation

How to Find Paid Opportunities

Photo of senior and caregiver reading newspaper in cafe

  • Explore interests and related job opportunities
  • Work on improving résumé
  • Seek support from career centers

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Notes and References

It may seem difficult to find a paid job as we get older, but it is not impossible!

We can start by thinking about all the things that we like to do and all the things that make us happy. From here, we can explore jobs within those interest areas. Next, we can work to improve our résumés and, again, don't hesitate to ask for help if needed. Career centers and Agencies on Aging are just a couple of the places you can seek out in gaining resources and assistance in finding a job. One specific resource in finding paid opportunities is the Senior Community Service Employment Program. This organization helps low-income older adults reenter the competitive labor market. If you are interested in exploring paid jobs in your area, visit their website at:

Finally, keep in mind that reaching older adulthood does not mean that we should stay at home. We can spend our free time enjoying so many activities if we realize that our communities are full of opportunities (paid or unpaid)!


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