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Transitions in Aging

Community Participation

How to Engage in Volunteer Activities

Photo of women showing their certificates of achievement

  • Visit local community centers
  • Explore the internet for volunteer opportunities
  • Advocate
  • Seek support
  • Plan

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Notes and References

How can we engage in volunteer activities?

First, where can we find a volunteer opportunity that is perfect for us? Well, we can start by talking to friends and family to see if they have any suggestions. We can visit our local community centers for resources. Oftentimes, these centers know what sorts of opportunities are available in our area. We can also search the Internet for volunteer opportunities. For example, we can search volunteer opportunities in our area at or

Once we find the right volunteer opportunity, we may need to advocate for ourselves. It may help to call and make sure that the facility is physically accessible. If it isn't, we can ask about any other types of support they offer. This will help us plan for our visits.

Finally, staying committed to something that is not required of us may be difficult. In order to stick with it and experience the long-term benefits of volunteering, try making a weekly plan. We can write it down in our calendars, tell our friends and family about it, and even invite our friends and family to join us! This may make the experience even more enjoyable.