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Transitions in Aging

Successful Aging

Everyone Ages

  • We are living longer
  • We want to lead a happy, fulfilled life as we age
  • Successful aging is possible for all of us!

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Notes and References

One hundred years ago we were only living until about age 47, but now many people live to celebrate their 70th or 80th birthdays.1

Not only do we live longer now, but we can also live happy and healthy lives in our older age.2,3 We are getting older every day. There are things influencing how we age,4,5,6 like our understanding of how aging can influence the choices we make as we get older.2 So, of course, knowing how to prepare ourselves for old age is a good thing and will lead us to be happier with our lives.2 It is important to know that everyone ages in different ways. Some people have gray hair when they get older, but some don't! However, we can all age well if we make good choices throughout the process.7 So, what exactly is successful aging?


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