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Visionary Voices is a History of the Intellectual Disability Movement in Pennsylvania

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Visionary Voices websiteFrom the right to special education, to the closing of institutions and the movement toward self-determination, Pennsylvanians with disabilities, their family members, and advocates have paved the way for national policies that have led to widespread reform. In an effort to collect the valuable stories of those trailblazers, Visionary Voices | Leaders Lessons Legacy will bring together interviews with leaders in Pennsylvania's Intellectual Disability Movement with a collection of historically significant papers and documents.


By the end of 2012, the Visionary Voices | Leaders Lessons Legacy website will feature approximately 50 videotaped interviews recorded over a 12-month period. These first interviews will focus on leaders in Pennsylvania's Intellectual Disability Movement, to capture heretofore only anecdotal stories, so we don't miss the opportunity as this group ages.

The Haggerty Papers

Currently, the Visionary Voices website features information about, and the finding aid for, the Papers of Dennis Haggerty, a Philadelphia-based attorney, respected disability rights advocate, and parent of a child with an intellectual disability. Mr. Haggerty's collection, donated to the Institute in 2008 and now permanently housed in Temple University's Urban Archives, documents a change in the political and social trends that affected the quality of life for Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

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