Academy for Adult Learning Class of 2014

Academy for Adult Learning - Meet the Class of 2014

PHOTO: Group of Academy Class of 2014 group
Academy for Adult Learning Class of 2014

PHOTO: Bilal and Griffin
Bilal | Griffin

PHOTO: Briana and Diana
Briana | Diana

PHOTO: Elton and Troy
Elton | Troy

PHOTO: Grey and Zach
Grey | Zach

PHOTO: Kevin and Shajohn
Kevin | Shajohn

PHOTO: Lori and Heather
Lori | Heather

PHOTO: Shawn and Lawrence
Shawn | Lawrence

PHOTO: Shawna and Sarah
Shawna | Sarah

PHOTO: Trumaine and Sam
Trumaine | Sam

For more information about the program or about becoming a mentor, contact:

Kathy Miller
Telephone: 215-204-9395

Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service