Academy for Adult Learning Class of 2012

Academy for Adult Learning - Meet the Class of 2012

Read the Temple Times story about Pam Keats, one of the Academy mentors who graduated in May.

PHOTO: Alex and Chelsea
Alex | Chelsea

PHOTO: Charles and Pam
Charles | Pam

PHOTO: Brenda and Shayla
Brenda | Shayla

PHOTO: Koshi and Asia
Koshi | Asia

PHOTO: Keiyana and Marissa
Keiyana | Marissa

PHOTO: Megan and Sara
Megan | Sara

PHOTO: Mario and Craig
Mario | Craig

PHOTO: Ebuka and Jerome
Ebuka | Jerome

PHOTO: Jackie and Senait
Jackie | Senait

PHOTO: Krystal and Kara
Krystal | Kara

PHOTO: Heba and Kate
Heba | Kate

For more information about the program or about becoming a mentor, contact:

Kathy Miller
Telephone: 215-204-9395

Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service