Academy for Adult Learning Class of 2010

Academy for Adult Learning - Meet the Class of 2010

PHOTO: Cailin and Latifa
Cailin | Latifa

PHOTO: Kamilah and Ethan
Kamilah | Ethan

PHOTO: Jen and Joe
Jen | Joe

PHOTO: Nicole and Anthony
Nicole | Anthony

PHOTO: Pam and Danea
Pam | Danea

PHOTO: Suchita and Stephanie
Suchita | Stephanie

PHOTO: Stephen and David
Stephen | David

PHOTO: Tamika and Katrina
Tamika | Katrina

PHOTO: Tom and Albert
Tom | Albert

For more information about the program or about becoming a mentor, contact:

Kathy Miller
Telephone: 215-204-9395

Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service