Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q)

IM4Q Annual Statewide Training Conference

Download 2011 Conference Materials

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A Day in the Life of a Supports Coordinator

A Day in the Life of a Supports Coordinator edit 7-11-11.ppt - PowerPoint
A Day in the Life of a Supports Coordinator edit 7-11-11.pdf - PDF

Building Strong and Effective IM4Q.AE.SC Relationships

Working relationships PPT 2011.ppt - PowerPoint
Working relationships PPT 2011.pdf - PDF

Considerations in HCSIS - General Session

Hands On.ppt - PowerPoint
Hands On.pdf - PDF

Hands-On Session HCSIS Considerations

Hands On.ppt - PowerPoint
Hands On.pdf - PDF

Copy of Allegheny_WEST_Pilot_IDS_2.xls - Excel Document
Copy of Allegheny_WEST_Pilot_IDS_2 Sheet1.pdf - PDF

T TOOMBS EDITS Considerations Overview.doc - Word Document
T TOOMBS EDITS Considerations Overview.pdf - PDF

IM4Q Governing Boards.Advisory Committees

IM4Q Board Presentation July 2011.pptx - PowerPoint
IM4Q Board Presentation July 2011.pdf - PDF

iPads, iPods, and MAcs...Oh My







Untitled attachment 00498.pdf

Planning for Life After High School

Ed Law Center Transition.pdf

FINAL transition healthcare checklist.pdf

PartnershipIM4Q_What's in Your Plan 3 per.pdf

PartnershipIM4Q_What's in Your Plan LG PRINT.pdf

Signs of Quality - Focus Group

Cycle 12 Considerations Booklet.doc - Word Document
Cycle 12 Considerations Booklet.pdf - PDF

Voting Rights

2010 VoterRegistration - preference - declination forms.pdf

Agency Guide for Complying with the NVRA-final.pdf

VoterRegistrationByCounty(July2011).doc - Word Document
VoterRegistrationByCountyJuly2011.pdf - PDF

Writing Considerations - State Centers

everyday lives.rtf

State Center How weve changed-1.ppt - PowerPoint
State Center How weve changed-1.pdf - PDF

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University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service