Telecommunication Device Distribution Program (TDDP)

Applications are no longer being accepted for the TDDP Wireless Pilot.

TDDP Wireless Program (Pilot)

Frequently Asked Questions


PHOTO: person using wireless deviceTDDP Wireless Program is a two-year pilot program designed to provide wireless devices to help eligible Pennsylvanians with disabilities access telecommunications.

The TDDP Wireless Program will supply devices with applications for telecommunication only at no charge:
Apple iPad Air,
Apple iPad mini
Apple iPod touch, and
Wireless phone.

To qualify for the program, participants must meet all eligibility requirements for the TDDP program.

In addition, participants must attend a series of four meetings at Temple University in Philadelphia, plus two virtual meetings. These meetings will ensure that the participants receive the appropriate device, apps, and training, and help to assess device and training effectiveness.

After completing all program requirements, participants will be able to keep the device.


To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a Pennsylvania resident with a disability that limits your access to mobile telecommunication;
  • Be six years of age or older;
  • Have individual gross income of 200% of the federal poverty level or less (low income);
  • Have access to Wi-Fi service or for wireless cell phone selection, must be able to acquire a data plan; and
  • Have the ability to learn how to use the requested device(s).

If you can answer YES to ALL of the above questions, you may be eligible for free equipment.

Updated—February 2016

Financial Eligibility Guidelines, as of February, 2016

Size of Family Unit

Gross Income (200% of federal poverty guidelines)


















An important part of this pilot program is participant communication, training and feedback.

All participants are required to:

- Attend a matching meeting to match a device to each participant;

- Attend four meetings at Temple University in Philadelphia (travel/parking expenses are the responsibility of the participant);

- Attend two meetings virtually;

- Respond to periodic surveys via email.


To apply, download, print and complete the application, or you can contact us (contact info below) and we'll send an application in the mail. Read the application carefully and fill it out completely. You must include all of the required paperwork. If there is information or documents missing, the application process will be delayed. The required paperwork is listed on the application.

A Certification of Disability is required, signed by a professional such as a doctor, your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor or an audiologist. You must provide a copy of a document that shows how much money you earn, and proof that you live in Pennsylvania. Complete directions about the paperwork are on the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Telecommunication Device Distribution Program (TDDP) Wireless Pilot?
    The TDDP Wireless Pilot is a pilot program designed to gather information about the need for a permanent program to provide Pennsylvanians with disabilities with a way to access telecommunications such as e-mail, phone, text, or relay service. The Wireless Pilot will also tell us how people with disabilities would use these devices and how much it would cost to run a program like this.
  • Who is eligible to apply?
    Any Pennsylvanian who has a disability that makes independent telecommunication difficult, who is low income (200% of poverty or poorer), is 6 years old or older, and who has the ability to learn how to use the equipment may apply. While applicants for the pilot program may reside anywhere in Pennsylvania, in-person meetings and training will take place in Philadelphia and participants must assume costs associated with travel to those events.
  • What kind of equipment will be available?
    Equipment and communication "apps" will be matched to each individual's needs and preferences by our professional staff and may include iPad® Wi-Fi only, iPad® Mini Wi-Fi, iPodTouch® Wi-Fi only devices, or wireless cell phone. Accessories may be provided if determined necessary for access (e.g. switches).
  • Do I have to have a data plan or internet access?
    If you are requesting a iPad® Wi-Fi only, iPad® Mini Wi-Fi or iPodTouch® Wi-Fi device you are not required to have a data plan but you must have access to Wi-Fi, either at home or within the community. For example, you can use a family member's, friend's or local business's Wi-Fi. If you are requesting a wireless cell phone, yes, you must be able to acquire a data plan.
  • Will the pilot cover monthly costs of service, data plans, Wi-Fi, etc.?
    No, the pilot provides only the device, approved accessories and approved apps needed for telecommunication. The participant is responsible for any costs related to wireless service.
  • How do I apply?
    Applicants must submit a completed application form. Additional information may be requested. Each application received before the deadline will be reviewed by program staff to determine eligibility.
  • If I meet all qualifications, will I be accepted for the program?
    There are a limited number of people who can be accepted for the TDDP Wireless Pilot Program.
  • What will be expected of the participants?
    During the pilot, participants will be expected to attend the following face-to-face events, to be held on the main campus of Temple University in Philadelphia:
    1. A "matching" meeting, where you will learn about the characteristics of the different devices and professional staff will match a device to your telecommunication needs
    2. Four in-person meetings for device training plus two meetings virtually.
    3. Additional personalized instruction, if needed, to make sure you can successfully use the device
    4. Focus groups to discuss your experiences with the program
    Participants will also be required to participate in any surveys they will receive via email.
  • Who owns the equipment?
    The TDDP will own the equipment until participants have successfully completed the entire program (approximately 12 months). At that time, the device will become the property of the participant.
  • Where can I obtain more information about Pennsylvania's Telecommunication Device Distribution Wireless Pilot?
    Call us at toll-free at 800-204-7428 (voice), 866-268-0579 (TTY), or send an e-mail to

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