Telecommunication Device Distribution Program (TDDP)

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Volunteer Centers

If you are a consumer interested in the Telecommunication Device Distribution Program, you may contact a Volunteer Center near you for information or assistance in completing the application.

For organizations interested in becoming a Volunteer Center, check out the information below.

What is a Volunteer Center?

Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT), a program of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, commenced administration of the Telecommunication Device Distribution Program (TDDP) in January, 2007. The program is operated in collaboration with the PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Public Utility Commission. The TDDP is an important resource, providing telecommunications devices for eligible Pennsylvanians with disabilities and older Pennsylvanians.

As part of assuring statewide access to the program, PIAT has developed a system of Volunteer Centers - agencies and organizations that agree to help people with disabilities and older Pennsylvanians learn about and use the TDDP and the equipment available through the program. Volunteer Centers provide outreach and general information about the TDDP; assist potential applicants in making decisions about equipment; assist individuals with disabilities in completing applications to the TDDP; and annually report on their activities.

Consider becoming a Volunteer Center today!

Why Should My Organization be a Volunteer Center?

  • A Volunteer Center Guide, including information about the policies and procedures of the TDDP, applications, valuable resources, and detailed operating instructions for devices available from the program
  • The opportunity to host demonstrations of TDDP equipment
  • Training, technical assistance, and ongoing support from regional Assistive Technology Resource Centers (ATRC) as well as the TDDP Consumer Outreach and Training Coordinator
  • Invitations to attend AT trainings and product demonstrations
  • Publicity, visibility, and public recognition
  • Membership in a statewide network

How does my organization apply?

Organizations may apply by clicking on the link below to download the application. Please complete the form and mail to The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, 1755 N. 13th Street, Student Center, Room 411S, Philadelphia, PA 19122. You may also fax it to 215-204-6336, or email to

List of organizations that are active Volunteer Centers

Application - English

Volunteer Center Application - PDF

Application - Spanish

Spanish Volunteer Center Application - PDF

Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service