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About REEP Network

The "REEP Network" gathers and connects organizations that have established assistive technology (AT) and/or durable medical equipment (DME) reuse programs. The goal of the REEP Network is to create a coordinated, streamlined system for connecting Pennsylvanians in need of AT or DME with the sources for quality reused devices in or near their own community.

Network members work together to increase the supply of low-cost (or free) quality reused equipment for Pennsylvanians with disabilities who may not be able to afford to purchase such equipment at retail price. All members participate in a common on-line listing that helps individuals locate equipment that meets their needs.

The Network will identify barriers to quality reuse as well as potential solutions in areas including matching persons to reused AT, sanitizing and refurbishing, and transporting devices. Network members will assist in identifying other organizations to expand these efforts.

The REEP Network is designed especially to facilitate access to AT during emergency situations, enabling members to work together to provide AT needed by survivors. Ultimately, the goal is to increase reuse and continue the expansion of the REEP Network across the Commonwealth.

Programs in the REEP Network (as of January 2016)

Learn how to become a member of the REEP Network

To be a REEP Network member an organization will...

  1. Complete the Pass It On Center self-assessment and identy areas of need for technical assistance and/or quality improvement;
  2. List your program on our REEP Network site:;
  3. Develop a plan for marketing and community outreach to inform consumers of the availability of AT through device reuse programs, including the use of customizable materials offered through the REEP Network;
  4. Provide up-to-date contact information and program description for listing in an online directory of reuse programs (;
  5. Agree to add items to the REEP classifieds, either through direct submission or through contact with the REEP coordinator;
  6. Have a plan to evaluate customer satisfaction;
  7. Agree to report reuse activity, including number of consumers served, type of equipment reused, and dollars saved, as well as customer satisfaction; and
  8. Agree to provide devices to Pennsylvanians with disabilities in the event of emergency or disaster, including consideration to waive customary fees

In return, Network partners will receive the following support from Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT):

  1. customizable and accessible materials to promote their reutilization activities and their status as a REEP Network partner;
  2. technical assistance, as requested, to improve reuse practices; and
  3. Access to free webinars on AT reuse practices with topics that address the needs of REEP and community agencies (for example: promoting awareness of reuse, implementing agreed upon activities, AT reuse and emergency preparedness)

Become a Part of the REEP Network

Complete the online form to apply to join the REEP Network.

Download option: printable application form (Word). Print, complete, and fax to: 215-204-6336, attention REEP Network.

Additional Resources

The Pass It On Center,, is a resource for individuals looking for assistive technology reuse programs nationally. links to state AT Act programs, state financing programs, and protection and advocacy for AT.

On-line Training

The REEP Network will periodically present webinar-based trainings on various topics.

This section will highlight events as they are scheduled.

Visit REEP Network website

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