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WEB RESOURCES - Text-to-Speech (Converts Electronic documents to Audio) - Free Trial Resources

  • TextAloud 3
    Text-to-speech software program that will convert text from Microsoft Word documents, emails, web pages and PDF files to natural sounding speech. A 30-day trial is available.
  • BrowseAloud
    Software reads online web pages aloud.
  • CoolSpeech
    Text-to-speech program designed for MS Windows platform. A 14-day trial period is available.
  • TextSound
    Converter that will make text documents into WAV or MP3 files, which allows you to listen to the file on normal stereo or other personal audio devices. A 14-day trial is available.
  • Scan and Read Pro
    Converts printed text into audio (through the use of a scanner).
  • Text-To-Audio
    Converts electronic documents to audio files for use on computer or personal listening device.
  • Talking Calculator
    Full functioning calculator for basic math to be used on the computer with or without screen reader. Features large buttons with contrasting colors.
  • Premier IE Toolbar
    Features for Internet navigation include: a talking pointer, full dictionary, text reader, text-to-mp3 file creation utility, zoom in and zoom out and many others.
  • Ultimate Talking Dictionary
    Read-aloud dictionary with 250,000 words, terms, jargon and proper nouns, along with a built-in thesaurus. Its "interlink" technology provides cross-reference capacity.
  • E-Text Reader IGT
    Reading tool which can be used to open and read existing documents. Features: vocal selector, reader speed options, insert notes into what you are reading. Its document reading capabilities include standard text, Microsoft word, Rich Text Format and HTML formats.
  • PDF Equalizer
    PDF file reader with the capacity to read charts and diagram data without a conversion or import process.
  • Universal Reader Plus
    Read-aloud utility that works with a majority of applications. Easy to use, with language model information, summarization technology, and multi-lingual translation technology.
  • Talking Checkbook
    People with low vision can use this software to manage a bank account. The talking checkbook reads the account balances, takes you one-by-one through your transactions, and can create a bank report that can be opened in Microsoft Word.

AT Web Resources Page - All Categories

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