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  • Kurzweil
    Reading, writing and learning software for individuals with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, and attention deficit disorders. Supports the principle of Universal Design for Learning and provides access to a large quantity of print, electronic, and web-based documents.
  • Inspiration
    Program to assist users as they structure thoughts through visual cues. Offers an easy way to clarify and strengthen plans, papers, and reports. Format is user-friendly for both users and recipients.
  • Premier VideoCast Studio
    Collection of easy-to-use utilities that help to convert teacher's lectures into a video presentation which can then be delivered to the students' portable media players.
  • Premier Test Builder
    Software application designed for educators to simplify the creation of accessible tests for students with learning disabilities, and for those who are blind/low vision.
  • EduApps
    Eight different application groups that can be used on any computer, including: AccessApps, LearnApps, TeachApps, Mystudybar, MyVisBar, MyAccess, Create&Convert, and Accessibleformatbar.
  • Camera Mouse
    Program enabling computer mouse function with head movement. Free trial available.

AT Web Resources Page - All Categories

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