Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT)



The web is full of assistive technology resources some better than others, therefore to simplify web searches PIAT provides this list of sites that are useful in presenting information pertaining to assistive technology. Each subheading has a corresponding list. Click on the subheading to view the list associated with that topic.


This section lists sites that provide either trial or free software to help individuals enhance their use of computers-navigate internet, use popular word processing applications- and to help communicate.

These products were free trials as of January 14, 2011. The Institute is not responsible for content on these sites and does not guarantee that these resources are still available.

  • Education / Organization
    Programs that help with structuring and creation of documents and presentations both by student and teacher.
  • Word Processing
    Products that help to facilitate the creation of word document through a variety of text-to-speech programs and typing applications.
  • Communication
    Software to adapt a computer into a communication device.
  • Magnifier / Visual Aid
    Products to increase the size and format of web pages for reading accessiblity.
  • Text - Speech
    Programs to convert text to audio files to play on a computer or personal audio devices.
  • Literacy Package
    Software to address a variety of needs from talking word processors to accessible Internet toolbars.

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