Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Lending Library

How do I borrow devices from Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Lending Library?

  • Select device(s) from the Equipment List. If you need help selecting a device, please contact the Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) for your county. Make note of the device name, inventory number, replacement value, and the loan period. Note: If you are a student requesting a device for use in a class assignment, there are restrictions. Please read Device Loans to Pre-Service Professionals for Class Projects.
  • Some devices in the AT Lending Library require a support person, which is indicated in the device information in the Equipment List. If you don't already have a support person, you can get help finding one from your ATRC, or find one on your own. If you need financial assistance to pay for the support person's services, you can get information from Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT):
    Voice: 800-204-7428
    TTY: 866-268-0579
  • Complete the Device Loan Request Form . Be sure to fill in all of the sections and sign in both places of Section 4 of the form.
  • You have a choice of using an online "loan cart" (available while browsing the library inventory) and online form to complete the request items before printing, signing, and submitting to your ATRC or printing the English, Spanish, and large print versions before completing the form.
  • To begin the processing, you may FAX the Device Loan Request Form to your ATRC. However, you must then mail the original to your ATRC because we must have the original signatures on file.
  • If the device is being shipped to / picked up from a large facility, SPECIFY THE EXACT ROOM / LOCATION / PERSON to whom it should be delivered / picked up from. Remember that delays in shipping or pick up mean delays for Pennsylvanians with disabilities waiting for assistive technology!
  • Your ATRC will notify you of an approximate shipping date. If the item is not immediately available, you will be informed that you will be placed on a waiting list for the item. If you cannot wait, the ATRC contact person may have ideas about similar items, or other places to see or rent the item.
  • After the device arrives, check the contents as soon as possible. If you notice that a part is not included, report it immediately to the "Circulating Department" of the AT Lending Library (at the Hiram G. Andrews Center), as per instructions in the kit. If you report a missing item right away, you will not be held responsible for replacing it.
  • Please make a note of the due date that is enclosed with the device. These are the dates that UPS is scheduled to come pick up the device. UPS is contracted to make three pickup attempts, and the first attempt is on the first date listed. When the UPS driver comes to pickup the device, he/she will bring a shipping label, so there is no need to contact UPS. If there is a problem with the UPS pickup, please inform your ATRC as soon as possible.
  • When you are packing up the device for its return, please check the contents on the enclosed inventory sheet. You will be responsible for ANY items that are not returned. Remember that incomplete returns mean delays for Pennsylvanians with disabilities waiting to borrow the items!

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