Graduate Student Assistantship Program

20-hour work week including combined practical and academic learning experiences.

- Seventeen hours per week are spent fulfilling job responsibilities.

- Each student is required to register and attend a not-for-credit seminar in Disability Studies each semester during the academic year. Two hours per week are spent in academic course work/class preparation in Disability Studies (one hour in the Disability Studies classroom and one hour in class preparation). Additionally, through the academic year the student will spend 1 hour/week developing a research question/proposal linking disability studies and their academic discipline. This will be presented in a poster session in the Spring.

Individually designed work assignments are available.

Individually designed work assignments are available; each is associated with an Institute grant-funded project including community/government agencies that provides the stipend through a contract with the Institute.

Opportunities include hands-on learning in the following areas:

- Policy
- Research and evaluation
- Program development
- Project coordination

Graduate students at the Institute on Disabilities are hired as Research Assistants (RA), Externs, or a combination in accordance with the TUGSA agreement, Policies on Graduate Student Support issued by Temple University's Office of the Provost and Graduate School, and position responsibilities as outlined in each job description. Contracts are written for one academic year, often with the possibility of renewal. Students receive a stipend and tuition scholarship at the level corresponding to the RA or Extern appointment, school of academic enrollment, length of commitment, and availability of funding resources.

Qualifications: All applicants must be matriculated and maintain good standing in a full-time graduate degree program at Temple University. The Graduate Student Assistantship Program actively recruits students pursuing terminal degrees (generally Doctoral [Ph.D.] candidates) from a wide variety of academic departments and with a broad range of skills and experiences. We will consider applications from students pursuing non-terminal master's degrees, although preference is given to doctoral students. 20 hours/week is considered full-time for graduate students. You cannot combine a 20 hour position with another position on campus. If you have a 10 hour or 20 hour position already, please do not apply.

Apply for a Graduate Assistantship

All extern positions are currently filled.

Email Kate Fialkowski at for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty sponsor: Catherine A. Fiorello, Ph.D., Department Chairperson, Psychological Studies in Education, College of Education

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