Community lives for people with intellectual disabilities and autism a priority in Governor Wolf's proposed budget

February 2017

Governor Wolf made community-based supports and services for people with intellectual disabilities (ID) and autism a priority in his recent budget address. The Institute on Disabilities applauds the administration's commitment to funding supports and services to help people live valued and inclusive lives in their communities. We are pleased to see that his proposed budget includes $25.6 million to serve more people in the community by:

  • moving 1000 people off the waiting list and into services;
  • adding of 820 graduates to the P/FDS Waiver;
  • expanding of the Adult Autism Waiver by 50; and
  • initiating a new "intermediate community support waiver" for people with intellectual disabilities and autism.

State funding combined with federal dollars drawn from Medicaid are critical to the lives of people with disabilities and their families. As the majority of people with ID live in their family homes, the ability to adequately fund the service system so that parents can work, rest, and maintain a household is important to the long-term sustainability of the system. People with disabilities have long advocated for supports and services that assist them to be engaged in their communities, achieve integrated competitive employment, and share the same experiences as people without disabilities. The House and Senate will have budget hearings before releasing their own budget proposals. It is important that the advocacy community continue to communicate just how important it is that these funds be made available and supports be provided in inclusive community settings.

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