Institute on Disabilities Hosts First Annual Graduate Student Poster Session

June 2013

PHOTO: The Institute on Disabilities hosted its first annual Graduate Student Poster Session on May 10 in the Student Center on Temple University's main campus.

Ten graduate students who have spent at least the past academic year as part of the Institute staff, each presented a poster session on unique research topics to staff, faculty and guests.

The poster session topics included:

"Personal Outcome Measures and Retention in a Post-Secondary Certificate Program" presented by Kaitlyn Cariss, M.Ed.; "Validating Essential Data Elements (EDE) as a Quality of Life Measurement" by Erun Lucey, Temple University, School Psychology; "IM4Q Ethnographic Pilot: Going Beyond the Views and Voices" presented by Sally Gould-Taylor, Doctoral Candidate, Urban Education, College of Education;

"'Come Together Right Now' - Qualitatively Investigating Cross-Disciplinary Team Dynamics" from Jennifer Armour, M.Ed., School Psychology; "Teacher Collaboration in a Relational Aggression Prevention Program" presented by Moira Kirby, Educational Psychology, College of Education, Temple University - LEND Fellow, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia;

"How Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Generalize Social Sexual Boundaries Portrayed in Television" by Naomi Levine, Temple University, Film and Media Arts MFA; "How Do We Know What is Success" presented by Priyam Basu, Computer Science, M.S.; "Freedom of Choice: Control of Money and Perceptions of Services Among Individuals with Disabilities" by Ross Whiting, Urban Education PhD Student; "The Meaning of Disability: A Collaborative Cultural Construction" from Yonaton Sahar Davidson.

The poster session offers an opportunity for the graduate students to present their perspective on research in the disability field. The poster session will be an annual event for the Institute's graduate students.

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