Institute on Disabilities Partners in Publication of Poetry Book - PRICE NOW REDUCED

UPDATED July 2012

PHOTO: Anthology cover, feet on dance floor Philadelphia—The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, College of Education, has partnered with Temple University professor Sarah Drury on the publication of The Walking Project: An Anthology of Poems released in December 2010. The anthology is a collection of poems by disabled writers designed as a companion to "The Walking Project," an interactive performance, directed by Dr. Drury. In collaboration with Carol Marfisi, MA, instructor at the Institute on Disabilities, she conceived, developed and produced the performance piece along with three performers with disabilities, Cathy Weis, Lezlie Frye and Shelley Barry, to examine the experience of walking from a variety of perspectives. The performances asked the question "What does it mean to walk?" in the context of a society in which mobility is the measure of agency.

Staged in New York and Philadelphia in 2007, the performances were photographed by noted Philadelphia photographer Jacques-Jean "JJ" Tiziou and those images are included in the poetry anthology.

For the anthology, poets from around the country were asked to submit work on the same subject of the experience of walking. Ms. Marfisi who served as the creative writing consultant for the book, communicated with, and facilitated entries from the poets and the selected poems have been printed in this collection.

Ms. Marfisi, also one of the featured poets, worked with Dr. Drury on the early development of the eVokability Interactive Costume Project, the inspiration for The Walking Project performances. The other poets featured in the book are from around the country and represent an array of approaches to the subject. For example, some poems are very literal and experiential while others are more metaphorical and abstract.

The books, in limited quantity, are available for purchase through the Institute on Disabilities. Please email the Institute at to order a copy. The price for "The Walking Project has now been reduced to $10, including shipping.

For more information, call the Institute at 215-204-1356.

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