Institute to Host Summer Beyond Inclusion Conference for Teachers, School Administrators and Parents

Philadelphia, PA–June 3, 2010

Logo: Beyond Inclusion Summer Conference 2010The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University will host the Beyond Inclusion: Tools and Strategies for Including Diverse Learners conference on July 26 through July 28, 2010 at the Student Center on Temple University's main campus. The conference will bring together educators, principals, school teams and parents/members of the school community, primarily from the Philadelphia school district, though individuals and teams from other districts are welcome to attend.

Experts in the fields of education, parent leadership, positive behavioral supports, universal design, instructional/assistive technology, transition and disability studies will offer presentations, discussions and interactive activities on tools and strategies for creating inclusive classrooms, schools, and communities. One of the highlights will be a viewing party of the Emmy-nominated and critically-acclaimed documentary film entitled "Including Samuel." Filmmaker, and father of "Samuel," will share his unique journey and discuss how to become problem-solvers in the quest to create optimum inclusive learning environments.

The cost for the Conference is $350 for individuals and $280 for team members within the Philadelphia School District. For parents, the cost is only $75 for the entire 3-day conference. "We're anxious to have parents attend the conference," says Julie Kessler, Conference Coordinator and as Associate Professor in the College of Education at Temple University. "Sharing this information and experience with parents is essential to making a student's entire life inclusive."

The conference will begin the presentation "Interpretations of Failure/Success in Public School Systems" by David Mitchell, Executive Director of the Institute on Disabilities. Dr. Mitchell will discuss the traditional definitions of failure and success in Public School Systems, how interpretations of failure and success are determined, and the influence of these interpretations regarding the placement of students in positions that lead to success in schooling or potentially place them at risk for school failure.

Jerry Petroff, The College of New Jersey, will present "School-wide Positive Behavioral Supports," offering "the basics" for designing, implementing and monitoring the success of school wide-positive behavioral supports in your school. Building on that presentation, Kathy Apfel of the University of New Hampshire, will discuss "How to Make School Wide Positive Behavioral Supports Work in Your School" with an overview of role of teamwork in the process and providing support tools and strategies for successful implementation in our schools.

"Universal Design for Learning Principles and Applications" will be presented by Christopher Bugaj, Loundoun County Public Schools, Beth Poss, Speech/Language Pathologist and Amy Goldman of Temple University, introducing principles including multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement will be explored, discussed, and applied to teaching all learners.

A variety of presentations about assistive technology will be offered including "There's An App for That" introducing new technology for learners with disabilities, and "Low-Technology and Low-Cost Adaptations for Students with Disabilities" will offer ideas on options for students needing a variety of classroom support.

Filmmaker Dan Habib will host a viewing party for his Emmy-nominated film "Including Samuel," followed by an interactive session to exchange problem-solving ideas on how to apply these concepts in school. Institute staff will expand on these concepts by presenting "Parents as Leaders," offering a comprehensive the programs available at the Institute where family members and self-advocates learn how to become leaders in the establishment and maintenance of high-quality inclusive opportunities for all people, including loved ones with disabilities.

Finally, Allison Walker of Temple University will present, "How to Prepare Students with Disabilities for their Transition from High School to the Adult World" where participants will learn about important considerations as IEP team members in designing appropriate transition plans for students with disabilities who are moving from high school to adult employment, postsecondary education, and community settings.

The conference will be held on the main campus of Temple University. For more information or to register, go to [please note this link has been changed or removed] or call Julie Kessler at 215-204-1977.

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