Census Bureau Works With Institute to Reach People With Disabilities

April 2010

Graphic, Poster titled: United States Census 2010 - America's future counts on people with disabilities.The Census Bureau and Institute partnered this spring to design and produce a 2010 Census poster and post card to specifically reach people with disabilities to encourage them to complete their census forms.

"It's an important process for all Americans, especially people with disabilities," says Amy Goldman, Associate Director of the Institute. "The Institute partnered with the Census Bureau ten years ago and it was a great success. When the bureau contacted us again for the 2010 Census, we were happy to work with them again."

The poster depicts individuals of all ages with disabilities on a bright, colorful background. "America's future counts on people with disabilities" is the poster's headline.

The large poster plus a smaller version and a post card have been distributed to hundreds of individuals with disabilities and families at gatherings, conferences and training events.

To request a copy of the poster or post card, email

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