Apply for 2021-22 Graduate Assistantships / Related Positions

Graduate Assistant Qualifications

All applicants must meet minimum criteria before being considered for any position. Please review these prior to applying for the job.

  • Students can be existing graduate students or incoming Fall graduate students.
  • All applicants must have and maintain good academic standing.
  • "Full time" positions are 20 hours/week. Students with full-time positions cannot be combined with another position on campus. If you have a 10 hour or 20 hour position already, please do not apply.
  • Applicants must be able to work the duration of the contract which extends past the academic year through to the end of May 2021.
  • Students must be able to work during normal business hours (8:00 am to 5:30 pm Mon-Friday)
  • Work location is dependent on COVID-19 protocols.
  • Background checks are a pre-requisite to employment. All employees of the Temple University College of Education must pass the following background checks: PA Criminal History Background Check, Child Abuse History Clearance, Federal Criminal History Background Check including FBI fingerprint.

CDC/DOH Graduate Assistant

Contract Duration: August, 2021 - May 30, 2022 (dependent on hire date)
100% Appointment (20 hours)
Supervisor: Kim Singleton


  • This Graduate Assistantship is available to students pursuing a terminal degree ([Ph.D. Ed.D.) as well as Master's students.
  • Individuals with lived experience of disability and/or experience navigating disability systems are encouraged to apply.

Job Tasks

  • Coordinating and monitoring multiple student workers.
  • Reviewing applications and determining eligibility for specific projects.
  • Preparing and checking reports.
  • Identifying patterns and trends in data sets.
  • Leading reviews of contested applications.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills

  • Strong planning, organizational, and administrative skills.
  • Excellent external oral and written communications skills.
  • The ability to work efficiently, effectively, and with minimum supervision.
  • Able to establish and maintain relationships in a collaborative environment.
  • Able to lead undergraduate students – troubleshooting and supporting.
  • Able to independently plan and organize time.
  • Able to accurately enter data.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office suite of applications, including Word, Teams and Excel. Able to learn RedCap.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to be flexible with changing circumstances, tasks, work environment.

Professional Development

During the academic year, 17 hours/week will be on job tasks and 3 hours/week participating in a weekly interdisciplinary graduate seminars and developing a research proposal for presentation.

Benefit Notes

This position is a Graduate Assistantship position. The student will be paid in equal monthly stipends at the College of Education Compensation Rate. Students receive 12 months of medical benefits September 1 through August 31. All current benefits are listed on the website. This position does not include tuition remission.

To Apply

Applicants must submit the following to An application is not considered complete until all are received:

  1. Cover letter detailing qualifications and interest specific to the position
  2. A resume or CV
  3. Two letters of recommendation sent to the above email directly from the reference

It is highly recommended that the student follows up with their recommenders to ensure the letters of recommendation have been mailed. Applications are not eligible without the letters of recommendation.

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