Programs and resources which offer course study, technical assistance and training about and for people with disabilities and the culture of disability, inclusive education and leadership. For a complete list of Institute on Disabilities programs, visit the Programs page. If you know the name of the program, try the "Quick Links to Programs" function at the top right section of every page.

  • College of Direct Support
    Online curriculum designed for those who support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
    College of Direct Support: Program Page

  • Disability Studies at Temple University
    An interdisciplinary collaboration offering accredited programs, mini-series lectures, performances, symposia and more, Disability Studies at Temple is inclusive programming with great diversity in both scholars and students.
    Disability Studies: Learn More

  • Graduate Student Assistantship Program
    Twenty hours per week paid, practical learning experience for full-time current graduate students at Temple University.
    Graduate Student Assistantship Program: Program Page

  • Interdisciplinary Faculty Council at Temple University
    Fostering collaboration across Temple University on disability-related projects including research, teaching, programming, publication, and grant-seeking.
    Interdisciplinary Faculty Council at Temple University: Program Page

  • Leadership & Career Studies
    A four-year certificate program providing young adults with intellectual disabilities an authentic college experience while developing academic abilities, career aspirations, work skills and independence at Temple University.
    Leadership & Career Studies: Program Page

  • Leadership Development
    Teaching people with disabilities, family members, and students to assume leadership roles in their communities and at the local, state, and national levels.

  • PIAT - Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology

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  • Technical Assistance
    Providing technical assistance at the local, state, and international levels to individuals, agencies, and government entities, focusing on increasing the independent productivity and inclusion of all people with developmental disabilities.
    Technical Assistance: Program Page

  • Transitions in Aging
    The Transitions in Aging learning modules discuss planning strategies that help aging individuals with developmental disabilities lead a healthy and independent life in the community.
    Transitions in Aging: Learning Modules

  • Visionary Voices
    History of the Intellectual Disability Movement in Pennsylvania includes interviews with leaders and a collection of archival documents.
    Visionary Voices - Interviews
    Visionary Voices - Archives