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A collection of stories from advocates and self-advocates who took great risks to ensure the safety and freedom of people with disabilities. From the right to education, to the closing of institutions and the move toward self-determination, Pennsylvanians with disabilities, family members, and advocates have paved the way for national policies that have led to widespread reform. Capturing their stories is vital and will serve as an important resource for students, policy makers, educators, and for generations to come. Interviews are divided into four topic areas: the right to education, deinstitutionalization, self-determination, and community supports. Watch a short documentary on Visionary Voices.


PHOTO: Dennis Haggerty


In 2008, Dennis Haggerty, a Philadelphia-based attorney, respected disability rights advocate, and parent of a child with an intellectual disability donated his personal papers to the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University. Dating back to 1970, Mr. Haggerty's correspondence, newspaper clippings, photos, and manuscripts document a movement that gave people with disabilities equal access to education, freed people with disabilities from institutions, and ultimately allowed people with disabilities to take their rightful place in the community.


PHOTO: rehearsing theater group reach upward in unison


The stories of people with disabilities, policy makers, family members—especially moms—and the story of Pennsylvania's Intellectual Disability Movement will be the subject of a compelling new public performance produced by the Institute on Disabilities, written by Suli Holum and directed by David Bradley.

Through the public performance part of Visionary Voices, the Institute hopes to bring serious and timely subject matter to the attention of new audiences, while reigniting the imagination and passion of the disability community.

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