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Programs and resources which offer training, services and assistance for a variety of technologies for people with disabilities and universal design. For a complete list of Institute on Disabilities programs, visit the Programs page. If you know the name of the program, try the "Quick Links to Programs" function at the top right section of every page.

  • PIAT - Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Public awareness, information and referral, advocacy, and training to enhance access to assistive technology for all Pennsylvanians with disabilities. Activities include development, implementation, and monitoring of laws, policies, practices, and organizational structures to improve access to assistive technology for all people with disabilities.
    • Access Beyond the Stacks
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Providing participating libraries with equipment to encourage and assist individuals with vision impairment to return to their local libraries and more effectively use and enjoy this valuable community resource.
    • Assistive Technology Device Demonstration
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Providing opportunities for "guided exploration" of a specific device or category of devices.
    • Assistive Technology and Employment
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Educating employers, providing awareness and training on the benefits of assistive technology in the workplace.
    • Funding for Assistive Technology
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Providing funding guidance for the purchase of assistive technology devices and services.
    • Get REAL—Regional Education Assisting Life Long Learning
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Bringing specialized equipment for people with visual impairment to locations across Pennsylvania, via select libraries and book mobiles.
    • iCanConnectPA—The National Deaf-Blind Equipment Program in Pennsylvania
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION FREE telephone and communication services, and other technology for Pennsylvanians with both hearing and vision loss.
    • Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Lending Library
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Stocking hundreds of items ranging from adapted toys to wheelchairs to aid individuals with disabilities in decision-making about possible purchase.
    • REEP - Reused and Exchanged Equipment Partnership
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Listing service for people with disabilities to donate, sell or buy a wide variety of assistive devices.
    • TDDP - Telecommunication Device Distribution Program
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Providing specialized equipment to Pennsylvanians whose disabilities impede independent access to telephone services.

  • Assistive Technology Companion Guide to the Transition Health Care Check List: Health Care Skills Needed for Independence
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Addressing the gap in health services for youth with special health care needs who are transitioning to adult life.

  • Augmentative & Alternative Communication
    SUMMARY +/- | MORE INFORMATION ABOUT AUGMENTATIVE AND ALTERNATIVE COMMUNICATION Providing training and technical assistance to individuals with significant speech disabilities who use augmentative or alternative communication.
    • ACES - Augmentative Communication and Empowerment Supports
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Year-long augmentative communication and empowerment program designed to increase the communication effectiveness of adults with significant speech disabilities.
    • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Vocabularies and Symbol Sets
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Vocabularies that individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and their families need to participate in socially-valued adult roles.
    • CommunicatePA: Everyone Communicates—Information About Augmentative and Alternative Communication
      SUMMARY +/- | CommunicatePA Site This non-exclusive community has come together in an effort to unite all individuals concerned with communication rights for Pennsylvanians with intellectual disability, autism and other disabilities that create complex communication needs.

  • The Mini Course Lecture Series on Disabilities
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Several times each year, the program hosts guest speakers and lecturers - experts in a wide variety of fields, including Disability Studies, Assistive Technology, Leadership Development, and Social Policy.

  • Technical Assistance
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Providing technical assistance at the local, state, and international levels to individuals, agencies, and government entities, focusing on increasing the independent productivity and inclusion of all people with developmental disabilities.

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