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The Pennsylvania Training Partnership for People with Disabilities and Families

About the Partnership

The Pennsylvania Training Partnership for People with Disabilities and Families—The Partnership—believes knowledge is power.

Changing Systems with Coordinated Statewide Training

Knowledge of the systems that serve people with disabilities allows people to move through systems more easily, to use systems more fully, and to change systems more effectively.

For the first time, The Partnership makes available training and technical assistance, developed and provided by people with disabilities and families. Trainings are coordinated statewide yet regionally-responsive; person-centered and culturally competent; attentive to capacity-building and supportive of leadership development.

Breaking Barriers, Breaking New Ground

Since the earliest Association for Retarded Children (Arc) groups in the 1940s and the precendent-setting Pennhurst lawsuit in 1974, Pennsylvania has been breaking through legal and physical barriers that keep people with intellectual disabilities from realizing full and fulfilling lives.

Now, with The Partnership, Pennsylvania breaks ground for people with disabilities and families, offering knowledge, power, and assistance to citizens who are eager to belong and contribute to their communities.

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The Partnership is funded by the Office of Developmental Programs, Department of Public Welfare.