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Competence and Confidence Partners in Policymaking (C2P2): Family Leadership for Inclusive Education in Non-Traditional Settings

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2013-17 Webinar Archive

April 2017: Homeschooling and Inclusive Education presented by Dr. Patti Stoudt
Watch Homeschooling and Inclusive Education

December 2016: Building Social Capital to Support Inclusive Lives presented by Cathy Ficker Terrill
Watch Building Social Capital

April 2016: Calming the Chaos: The Power of Prevention, Positive Behavior Support and Parent Coaching with PRESENTER Becky Millspaugh
Watch Calming the Chaos

March 2016: Igniting Inclusion: Adaptions, Modifications & Supports for Success with PRESENTER Lisa Wallace-Larkin, Inclusion Specialist with the Arc of Philadelphia
Watch Igniting Inclusion

October 2015: Building Safe and Healthy Relationships with PRESENTER Beverly Frantz, Ph.D., project director for the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University's Criminal Justice and Sexual Health Initiatives
Watch Building Safe and Healthy Relationships

March 2015: Cyber Safety: Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital World with PRESENTER Brian Regli, Ph.D., Drakontas LLC
Watch the Cyber Safety

February 2015: Understanding Evaluations: What Do the Results Mean for Your Child? with PRESENTER Annemarie Clarke, Corporate Officer, SPIN
Watch the Understanding Evaluations

October 2014: Community Connections: Enriched, Engaged, and Included! with PRESENTERS Tanya Regli, Executive Director, Arc of Philadelphia AND Cathy Roccia-Meier, Family Education Coordinator, Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
Watch Community Connections

March 2014: Teamwork for Success! The Parent-Professional Relationship with GUEST PRESENTERS Linda Carmona-Bell and Diana Neri of the Pennsylvania Education for All Coalition, PEAC.
Watch Teamwork for Success

January 2014: Your Child's Rights! Learn the Laws and Rules to Support Your Child's Education with GUEST Maura McInerney, Esq., Senior Staff Attorney, Education Law Center.
Watch Your Child's Rights

October 2013: Inclusion - Supporting ALL Abilities of Students Learning Together with GUESTS Diane Perry, Karen Salomon, and Natalie Wieters of the Pennsylvania Education for All Coalition.
Watch Inclusion - Supporting ALL Abilities

May 2013: Creating a Vision for Your Child's Future with GUEST SPEAKER Tim Gruesel, Director, Quality Enhancement Support Team, Sinking Springs, PA. Participants learned how to turn your hopes and dreams for your children into a blueprint for their future.
Watch Creating a Vision for Your Child's Future

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Find us on Facebook C2P2 Family Leadership Facebook page. A closed (nonpublic) group where members meet and interact. Visit the page and request to join the group.

Additional Internet resources, including "Special Education Law: Building Blocks and Basics" from Pennsylvania Education for All (PEAC).

What Is C2P2 Family Leadership in Inclusive Education for Non-Traditional Settings?

PHOTO: two young girlsC2P2 Family Leadership in Inclusive Education for Non-Traditional Settings is designed for families of students who are home schooled, educated in cyber charter schools, charter schools, private schools or parochial schools to offer leadership development training, guidance and technical assistance to help achieve true inclusion for children. The goal is to create a network of family leaders who will work together with educators and administrators to champion inclusive practices for children with disabilities in the Non-Traditional school community.


An increasing number of families in Pennsylvania are choosing to enroll their children with developmental disabilities in alternative educational options available throughout the Commonwealth including, home schools, private schools, parochial schools, charter schools and cyber charter schools.

PHOTO: young boy writing with pencilTo ensure that these children are afforded a quality education in the least restrictive environment (LRE) in non-traditional educational settings, families must be well versed in the educational standards and best practices of inclusive education. As the number of children with developmental disabilities educated in non-traditional settings continues to grow in Pennsylvania, there is an unmet critical need for families to be supported in achieving an inclusive education for students, and to provide mutual support within their school communities.

In C2P2 Family Leadership in Inclusive Education for Non-Traditional Settings, the Institute will work in collaboration with Pennsylvania's Education for All Coalition (PEAC) and other stakeholders to develop a training curriculum on best practices and establish a network of support and assistance for families.

Program Overview

This program will begin with the development of training modules to be delivered to family members in the southeast portion of Pennsylvania, beginning in September 2013. At the same time, PEAC parent consultant collaborators will be providing parent consulting to select family members in that region.

A unique aspect of this program is that much of the training and support will be delivered to family members using non-traditional methods. For example, a training event may be conducted via video conference, or a PEAC collaborator may use an application like Skype to provide a consultation. The program might also use webinars and variety of social media, for the development and implementation of a virtual Community of Practice, an essential element to the program.

In addition, each year, a face to face training event will be scheduled to bring the participating families together to further develop and strengthen their leadership, networking and team building capacities and to, ultimately, enhance systemic changes in the provision of inclusive education practices.

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