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Competence and Confidence Partners in Policymaking for Families of Children in Early Intervention (C2P2EI)

What is C2P2EI? C2P2EI is an innovative training program providing participants with up-to-date information, leadership development training, resources and skills. Participants learn about the local, state and national issues that affect children with disabilities. Funding for this program is made possible by Pennsylvania's Early Intervention Technical Assistance.

Who should apply to C2P2EI? Family members in Pennsylvania who have an infant, toddler or pre-school age child with special needs are eligible to apply. Family members must have the desire to learn to advocate for themselves and others and be willing to make a time commitment to attend the sessions.

How much does it cost to attend C2P2EI? A limited number of family members are accepted into the program at no cost. Participants are reimbursed for travel costs and childcare expenses. Meals are included and overnight lodging is provided for those individuals traveling over 30 miles.

What are some the benefits of attending? Graduates learn to become strong advocates and leaders, developing methods to present policymakers a new way of thinking about people with disabilities. Graduates learn about current policies, laws, and regulations. They get an opportunity to meet many of the key players in the Early Intervention System.

New training event dates to be announced soon.

Cathy Roccia-Meier
Voice: 215-204-1772
TTY: 215-204-1805

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Funded by: Office of Child Development, Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

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