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  • Davis, Leigh Ann "People with Cognitive, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities & Sexual Offenses" (Q&A) The Arc, July 2002, pgs 1-2 Scanned Article - Davis 2
  • Davis, Leigh Ann "People with Intellectual Disabilities and Sexual Violence" (Q&A) The Arc, August 2005, pgs 1-2 Scanned Article - Davis 3
  • Davis, Leigh Ann "People with Intellectual Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System: Victims & Suspects" (Q&A) The Arc, June 2005, pgs 1-2 Scanned Article - Davis 4
  • Davis, Leigh Ann "The Criminal Justice Response to Victims with Developmental Disabilities: Utilizing Effective ADA Accommodations" Presented to: The National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council for the Workshop of Victims with Disabilities October 8, 1999, pgs 1-33 Scanned Article - Davis 5
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  • Young,E., Heath,M.,Ashbaker,B.,Smith,B.,"Sexual Harrassment Among Students with Educational Disabilities", Remedial and Special Education, Volume 29, Number 4, August 2008, 208-221

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