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A list of all programs of the Institute on Disabilities. If you know the name of the program, try the "Quick Links to Programs" function at the top right section of every page.


  • Criminal Justice / First Responders
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Providing information, training and products which focus on the interaction between the criminal justice system and people with disabilities.
  • Emergency Preparedness
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Helping Pennsylvanians with disabilities, families, and support personnel think about and prepare for emergencies.
  • IM4Q: Independent Monitoring for Quality
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Collecting and disseminating information that might help improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.
  • Leadership Development
    SUMMARY +/- Teaching people with disabilities, family members, and students to assume leadership roles in their communities and at the local, state, and national levels.
    • C2P2 - Competence and Confidence: Partners in Policymaking
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Training individuals with disabilities, parents of young children with disabilities, and university graduate students, providing up-to-date information, leadership training, and skill building.
    • C2P2 EI - Competence and Confidence: Partners in Policymaking for Families of Children in Early Intervention
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Offering information about local, state and national issues that affect young children with disabilities, with a particular emphasis on early intervention issues.
    • C2P2 FL - Competence and Confidence Partners in Policymaking: Family Leadership in Inclusive Education for Non-Traditional Settings
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Creating a network of family leaders who will work together with educators and administrators to champion inclusive practices for children with disabilities in the Non-Public school community
    • Families First
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Empowerment training on the basics of early intervention—teaching about early intervention system, meeting with other families, becoming an equal member in your child's Individual Education Plan.
    • Inclusive Leadership in Action
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Training community organizations to recruit and support individuals with disabilities to be contributing members of their decision-making boards.
    • Supported Leadership
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Promoting and encouraging people with intellectual disabilities to become active, contributing and valued members of boards and committees throughout Pennsylvania.
    • The Pennsylvania Training Partnership for People with Disabilities and Families
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION The Partnership makes available training and technical assistance, developed and provided by people with disabilities and families.
  • Take 5
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION For faith based or community organizations to develop volunteer program to offer occasional respite for families of children with special healthcare needs, including a disability or chronic illness.
  • Technical Assistance
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Providing technical assistance at the local, state, and international levels to individuals, agencies, and government entities, focusing on increasing the independent productivity and inclusion of all people with developmental disabilities.


  • PIAT - Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Program designed to enhance access to assistive technology for Pennsylvanians with disabilities and those who support them. We provide Assistive Technology services and resources for Pennsylvanians with disabilities and those who support them.
    • Access Beyond the Stacks
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Providing participating libraries with equipment to encourage and assist individuals with vision impairment to return to their local libraries and more effectively use and enjoy this valuable community resource.
    • Assistive Technology Device Demonstration
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Providing opportunities for "guided exploration" of a specific device or category of devices.
    • Assistive Technology and Employment
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Educating employers, providing awareness, and training on the benefits of assistive technology in the workplace.
    • Funding for Assistive Technology
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Providing funding guidance for the purchase of assistive technology devices and services.
    • Get REAL—Regional Education Assisting Life Long Learning
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Bringing specialized equipment for people with visual impairment to locations across Pennsylvania, via select libraries and book mobiles.
    • iCanConnectPA—The National Deaf-Blind Equipment Program in Pennsylvania
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Provides FREE distance communication devices (telephones and other technologies) and training to eligible Pennsylvanians with both hearing and vision loss.
    • Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Lending Library
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Choose from a selection of hundreds of assistive technology devices to borrow and "try out" for short-term use at home, work or school - for free!
    • REEP - Reused and Exchanged Equipment Partnership
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION REEP is a resource for "previously-owned" assistive technology (AT) devices, usually available at a lower cost than buying new. For Pennsylvanians with disabilities.
    • TDDP - Telecommunication Device Distribution Program
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Providing free specialized equipment to eligible Pennsylvanians who have disabilities that make it difficult to use a standard home telephone.
  • Assistive Technology Companion Guide to the Transition Health Care Check List: Health Care Skills Needed for Independence
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Addressing the gap in health services for youth with special health care needs who are transitioning to adult life.
  • Augmentative & Alternative Communication
    SUMMARY +/- | MORE INFORMATION ABOUT AUGMENTATIVE AND ALTERNATIVE COMMUNICATION Providing evaluations, consultations, training, and/or technical assistance to individuals with significant speech disabilities who use augmentative or alternative communication (AAC).
    • ACES - Augmentative Communication and Empowerment Supports
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION ACES is a two week intensive augmentative communication and empowerment program for young adult AAC users.
    • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Vocabularies and Symbol Sets
      SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Vocabularies that individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and their families need to participate in socially-valued adult roles.
    • CommunicatePA: Everyone Communicates—Information About Augmentative and Alternative Communication
      SUMMARY +/- | CommunicatePA Site This non-exclusive community has come together in an effort to unite all individuals concerned with communication rights for Pennsylvanians with intellectual disability, autism and other disabilities that create complex communication needs.


  • Academy for Adult Learning
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Selected individuals with intellectual disabilities spend four semesters on Temple University's main campus experiencing college life.
  • Beyond Inclusion: Improving Outcomes for Students with Disabilities
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Annual Summer Institute designed for educators, school administrators, and other professionals to learn and share ideas about making all learning experiences inclusive.
  • College of Direct Support
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Online curriculum designed for those who support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Disability Studies
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Course of studies exploring the historical, cultural, and socio-political challenges and accomplishments of the disabilities community and culture.
  • Ensuring Higher Education for ALL
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION A multi-tiered project to inculcate disability studies—the history, culture, experience of people with disabilities—into the fabric of Temple University.
  • Graduate Student Assistantship Program
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Twenty hours per week paid, practical learning experience for full-time current graduate students at Temple University.
  • Interdisciplinary Faculty Council at Temple University
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Fostering collaboration across Temple University on disability-related projects including research, teaching, programming, publication, and grant-seeking.
  • The Mini Course Lecture Series on Disabilities
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Several times each year, the program hosts guest speakers and lecturers - experts in a wide variety of fields, including Disability Studies, Assistive Technology, Leadership Development, and Social Policy.
  • Visionary Voices | Leaders. Lessons. Legacy.
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION A history of the Intellectual Disability Movement in Pennsylvania, bringing together interviews with leaders in Pennsylvania's Intellectual Disability Movement with a collection of historically significant archival documents.


  • Employment Here and Now!
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are offered unpaid internships at Temple University with a goal of achieving long-term employment.
  • Employment-Related Programs at the Institute on Disabilities
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Programs designed to make employment available and successful for people with disabilities.


  • Person-Driven Services
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION The two-year Developmental Disabilities Council funded Person-Driven Services Project includes a demonstration project, research and advocacy.

Research and Evaluation

  • Research at the Institute on Disabilities
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Programs which promote, conduct, and disseminate constituency-oriented, collaborative research and evaluation focusing on people with disabilities and systems.
  • Sibling Investigation
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Information about the Sibling Ambassadors Program, a leadership training program for adult siblings of people with disabilities in Pennsylvania.
  • Transition Discoveries Focus Groups
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Hosting a series of focus groups for young persons with disabilities, and their families, who are planning for the transition to life after high school.

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