Institute on Disabilities at Temple University

Programs designed to make employment available and successful for people with disabilities. For a complete list of Institute on Disabilities programs, visit the Programs page. If you know the name of the program, try the "Quick Links to Programs" function at the top right section of every page.

  • Academy for Adult Learning
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Selected individuals with intellectual disabilities spend four semesters on Temple University's main campus experiencing college life.
  • Assistive Technology and Employment
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Educating employers, providing awareness, and training on the benefits of AT in the workplace.
  • Augmentative & Alternative Communication
    SUMMARY +/- | MORE INFORMATION ABOUT AUGMENTATIVE AND ALTERNATIVE COMMUNICATION Providing training and technical assistance to individuals with significant speech disabilities who use augmentative or alternative communication.
  • C2P2 - Competence and Confidence: Partners in Policymaking
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Training individuals with disabilities, parents of young children with disabilities, and university graduate students, providing up-to-date information, leadership training, and skill building.
  • Employment Here and Now!
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are offered unpaid internships at Temple University with a goal of achieving long-term employment.
  • IM4Q: Independent Monitoring for Quality
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION Collecting and disseminating information that might help improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.
  • Person-Driven Services
    SUMMARY +/- | COMPLETE INFORMATION The two-year Developmental Disabilities Council funded Person-Driven Services Project includes a demonstration project, research and advocacy.

Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service